Club Championships

Road Championship
Road Every year there is a road running championship. In 2015 this will be made up of 11 races, one of which can be any marathon. The men’s and women’s championships comprise firstly the Road Race Championship awarding points based upon place, and secondly the Club Runners Championship awarding points based upon participation and personal bests.

Cross Country
The Cross Country focus is the Oxford League, Cirencester continues to be competitve here with winning both Men's and Womens over the years. The Oxford League constitutes five races always held on the first Sunday of each month. This league is very much a team affair. There is no entry fee payable – the club pays a fee covering the whole season – and you do not need to enter in advance. Just turn up on the day with club vest and usually £2 or £3 for parking, then race. In the men’s race each team comprises seven runners and in the women it is three to score. In both cases the more that run the better as the club can then finish A, B, C, D teams etc. The courses are usually muddy but great fun and there is always a really good atmosphere. Full results are always published on the league website by the evening of race day and up on ours soon afterwards.

There are three elements to our club Cross Country Championship. Firstly your finishing positions in the Oxford League fixtures counting down from 20 points for the first club finisher. In addition to the Oxford League we are also trying to reward people who run in the Gloucester League so your best finish will also be included. Finally as well as the Gloucester League we also think it is good to encourage people to run in the Gloucester Champs. So that means you have a total of 7 possible scores and the best 5 will count. Finally if you are mad enough to do all 5 Oxford League fixtures then a further 5 bonus points will be rewarded for team effort. Hope that's clear but do let me know if you need more explanation. For a list of all previous winners of the Road and Cross Country Championships click here.

For a list of the previous winners of both the Cross Country and Road Racing championship click here.