Cirencester Juniors are split into two groups. Those up to year 7 and then those over year 7. The juniors meet from 6.30 to 7.30 on Wednesday nights. The Juniors will be purely focusing on running to allow us to focus our expertise. The children will also benefit as we will have more coaches available at a given time, we will work and plan the childrens progression together and come up with the best traiing plan. Our overal aim is that our juniors will be able to move seamlessly into our senior club.

The chilren are split by ability rather than age and will take part in a structured training session, with each runner working towards a realistic target. We will regularly hold time trials to assess how each athlete is progressing and place them in the most suitable training group. The aim of the club is at middle distance runs from 600+, juionr road races and track. When juniors reach a ceratin standard we will encourage them to participate in the Gloucestershire Cross Country, Oxfordshire Cross Country, local fun runs, summer track evenings and the local park run when the junior verision is launched.,

During school term times we use Kingshill School Sports Centre and Fields, where sprint efforts over short distances, relay races, longer runs, and techniques for throwing and jumping events are enjoyed. During the summer holidays, we would encourage the older juniors wishing to run, to come along along to the senior session at Deer Park School on a Tuesday night where they can run alongside the seniors.

We have qualified coaches who help out each week which enables us to split the children into smaller groups so they get to rotate different activities, and always have someone on hand to give encouragement, support and advice.

No previous running experience necessary, just lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to have fun. Both boys and girls welcome.

Please wear trainers, and shorts and t-shirt underneath a tracksuit, as we may be both indoors and outdoors. Please bring waterproof jacket in inclement weather as we may still go outside! A bottle of water is also recommended. Between Easter and Summer Holidays, we are outside in the sports fields whatever the weather, please bring suitable clothing.

Important notice for parents: We operate a registration system whereby we require the responsible adult dropping off the children to sign them both in and out. Therefore please accompany your child to the hall at the start, and come to the hall to collect at the end of each session.

For those in year 7 and above, they meet on a Tuesday evening from 6.30 for an hour. Currently there is just one group. In the winter months we meet at the Leisure Centre and run usually in the Abbey Groups, Tetbury Hill or Waterloo car park in a dedicated group and then in the summer months we intrograte with the adults on the track at Deer Park.

Due to the popularity of the junior running club we have had to implement a waiting list for many years. If you would like to find out more please click here.

As part of the conditions of membership, all juniors must attend at least 70% of training sessions over each quarter otherwise they could loose their place and need to run a minimum of 4 times a year for the club. Unless members come regularly they will not improve. This condition does not apply if injured or through long term illness, as long as the club is notified. The club has the right to terminate membership and not return any fees paid, if the above condition is not met.