Standard Article 10th December 2018

Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club                            9th December 2018


Gloucestershire XC League (3 of 4), Wotton-under-Edge

There were some great performances from Ciren AC members at the third cross country meet at Wotton-Under-Edge.  In the Juniors, Finlay Carter and Millie and Izzy Chudley ran for the U11's. Henry Sheffield continued in fine form and won his U13's age group by a significant margin so, with 4 other CAC competitors also racing, this put Ciren first in the team standings. Sam Cook had a good run in the U15's. In the seniors, we had a strong turnout of eight for both teams. For the women, particularly strong performances were seen from Jo Musk who came 19th overall and Kate Sackett who was 1st LV55, finishing with Karen Higuera in hot pursuit 2 seconds behind! For the men, Bill Leggate was 9th overall and first V40, closely followed by James Thomas & Oli Pritchard. An age group win too for Dave Wright and 2nd for Gordon Jones. Running in a chilling wind, despite the sun, all runners managed to safely negotiate a very slippery water-filled ditch to enjoy a great event, lots of cake, camaraderie and brilliant support.

U11 Girls
21 Millie Chudley (Cirencester AC) 11.22, 45 Izzy Chudley 12.28
U13 Boys
1 Henry Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 10.55,11 Henry Broadley 12.35,17 Zac Humphries 12.46, 24 Tom Williams 13.07, 31 Andrew Woods 13.36
Team (3 to score): 1 Cirencester AC 29pts
U15 Boys
12 Sam Cook (Cirencester AC) 19.19

Ladies and V65 Men

1 Rachel Underhill (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 24.16
19 Jo Musk (Cirencester AC) 26.17, 55 Kate Sackett 28.58 - 1st FV55, 56 Karen Higuera 29.00, 59 Gordon Jones 29.33, 92 Jo Roberts 31.58, 95 Sarah Whitehouse 32.11, 114 Liz Thomas 34.11,118 Pam Wheeler 34.31, 131 Helen Manners 37.16
142 finished

Ladies teams (3 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 10pts, 13 Cirencester AC 130pts, 29 Cirencester AC 'B' 301pts, 31 closed in
Masters (3 to score):
1 Forest of Dean AC 36pts, 4 Cirencester AC 130pts, 15 Cirencester AC 'B' 305pts, 19 closed in


1 Alex Lawrence (Bath University) 31.34
9 Bill Leggate (Cirencester AC) 33.15 - 1st V40, 22 James Thomas 34.02
41 Oliver Pritchard 35.22, 74 Aaron Willis 38.02, 91 David Wright 39.03 - 1st V60,
127 Lee Lawrence 41.12, 160 Keith Firkin 44.19, 169 Dorian Matts 45.21
192 finished


Teams (6 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 35pts, 7 Cirencester AC 364pts, 21 closed in
Masters (4 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 195pts, 8 Cirencester AC 429pts, 16 closed in


Andy Reading 10km, Bicester, 10km road

Long term member, Bryan Reid ran near his new home in the Andy Reading 10k at Bicester to finish in 51.12.

1 James Eve (Headington Road Runners) 33.17
177 Bryan Reid (Cirencester AC) 51.12    337 finished.



Parkruns   5km trail


A second for Ollie Campbell at Cirencester and a fourth for Jacob McAdam in Haverford West.  Welcome to Colin Tapley who ran for the first time at Cirencester where Sam Cook went steady and Simon Campbell was back pushing a buggy.  Run of the week to Rob Jones who has been quietly chipping away at his parkrun PB and managed to knock a further 16 seconds off this week.   Swindon regulars Gordon Jones, Barbara Thomas and David Moss all had a go but none even came close to their PBs.  Ruth Fulford found the going tough at Wetherby and the McAdam family didn't find Haverford West much easier.


Cirencester AC finishers:
Cirencester:  2 Ollie Campbell 19.46, 17 Colin Tapley 22.56, 24 Sam Cook 24.00, 31 Rob Jones 24.40, 120 Simon Campbell 38.17, 136 finished
 60 Gordon Jones 22.19, 175 Barbara Thomas 26.47, 178 David Moss 26.53, 414 finished
Wetherby:  32 Ruth Fulford 32.52, 44 finished
Haverford West:
  4 Jacob McAdam 21.15, 13 Alan McAdam 26.08, 16 Rachel McAdam 27.19, 37 finished


Standard Article 3rd December 2018

Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club                       2nd December 2018


Ultra Trail, Cape Town, South Africa, 100km trail

Our own ultra athlete Rob Forbes found himself having to plumb unknown depths to complete Cape Town’s gruelling 100 kilometre Ultra Trail in a superb 5th place.  This classic race, part of the Ultra Trail World Tour includes of 4,300 metres of ascent split between two major climbs and a near precipitous drop in the first half and endless undulations in the second.  Despite the 4 am start (with sunrise halfway up Table Mountain), the heat soon became a major factor and Rob was one of many battling dehydration and cramping.  Two race favourites dropped out but Rob battled on covering the rough technical stages powered by a winning combination of pure determination and family support.  It seems unlikely that he was able to enjoy the wonderful views of Cape Town and the Atlantic Ocean or even briefly running through winelands but we hope he is as proud of this gutsy performance as the rest of us are.


1 Janosch Kowalczyk (Germany) 10.22.00
5 Rob Forbes (Cirencester AC) 11.30.53
125 finished.


Lanzarote Running Challenge,

Kate Sackett, another of our club stars, put herself through a different ordeal to finish second FV55 in the Lanzarote Running Challenge.  Kate went to Lanzarote nursing injuries so was pleased to be able to run all four races in a total of just over four hours – eleven minutes faster than her total time last year (although she would be the first to point out that last year’s strong winds made the going particularly tough). This year the heat was more of an issue but the promise of a cool beer at the end helped and possibly ensured that she completed the series with a road half marathon in a time slightly faster than at Stroud in October.


Day 4 of 4, La Vuelta de Tinajo ½ marathon road

1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 1.08.28 - 1st overall (2.42.33)
149 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 1.43.14 - 129th overall (4.04.26)
326 finished.  


Day 3 of 4, 5km beach

1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 16.27
145 Kate Sackett 24.24    325 finished.  

Day 2 of 4, Ridge Run, 13km multi-terrain

1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 45.46
145 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 1.08.47   352 finished.  

 Day 1 of 4, 10km road

1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 31.53
173 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 48.02    370 finished. 




A win for Ian Barrett at Hereford and 4th of Ollie Campbell at Chippenham.  Good runs from Neil Morrissey and Gordon Jones while Rachel McAdam continues to knock off the seconds needed for a sub 25 minute run.


1 December 2018, parkruns, 5km trail

Cirencester AC finishers:
19 Neil Morrissey 22.41, 34 Rob Jones 24.56, 92 Ruth Fulford 32.48, 101 Pam Wheeler (sweeper) 50.41, 101 finished
41 Gordon Jones 22.45, 70 Alan McAdam 24.58, 96 Rachel McAdam 26.12, 119 Barbara Thomas 27.34, 291 finished
Chippenham:  4 Ollie Campbell 20.03, 118 finished
1 Ian Barrett 18.20, 146 finished




Standard Article 25th November 2018

Eynsham 10km, nr Oxford, 10km road

Adrian Williams returned to “simple” road running (as opposed to Tri and Duathlons) to race the Eynsham 10k finishing 15th in 34.52 and  6th in his highly competitive V40 age group.  Newer member, Tom Renton-Rose followed in 44.25.

1 Alex Wall-Clarke (Southampton AC) 32.15
15 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC) 34.52
197 Tom Renton-Rose 44.25    596 finished.  


Richmond Park ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road Louise Horner-Baggs demonstrated the value of regular training with the club by setting yet another half marathon PB at Richmond, knocking almost a minute from her time set last month at Stroud.

1 Jonathan Cocker (Burgess Hill Runners) 1.21.56 (chip time 1.21.54)
161 Louise Horner-Baggs (Cirencester AC) 1.53.39 (1.53.22).  


24 November 2018, parkruns, 5km trail


Cirencester AC finishers include a 1, 2 and 3:

A fine win for Luke Buck at Cirencester makes him a worthy winner of “Run of the Week” – great to see Luke, who is still a Junior, out in front.  Higher quality events put Isaac McAdam (inspired by parental support?) 2nd at Loughbrough and Ollie Campbell 3rd at Chippenham.  Cirencester also saw Sam Cook and Gordon Jones going well, just ahead of Karen Higuera and Dorian Matts who were both new to park running.  Karen, one week after setting a marathon PB at Broadway was rightly proud of her place as first FV50 and 4th lady. Club Chair Pam had a good run and Paul and Sam Timms took a break from Am-Dram to be followed by Simon Campbell in non competitive mode. Barbara Thomas again stayed under 27 minutes at Swindon while others ran at Cheltenham, Thornbury, Forest of Dean and Slough.


Cirencester:  1 Luke Buck (J) 19.45, 16 Sam Cook (J) 22.36, 19 Gordon Jones 23.11, 22 Karen Higuera 23.19, 26 Dorian Matts 23.49, 43 Paul Timms 25.26, 65 Pam Wheeler 27.13, 85 Samantha Timms 29.45, 99 Simon Campbell 31.26, 134 finished
220 Barbara Thomas 26.54, 485 finished
Chippenham:  3 Ollie Campbell 17.59, 141 finished
130 Rob Jones 24.41, 482 finished
Thornbury:  47 Ruth Fulford 30.53, 67 finished
Forest of Dean:  10 Neil Morrissey 22.27, 100 finished
Black Park, Slough:  8 Jacob McAdam 20.06, 509 finished
Dishley, Loughborough:  2 Isaac McAdam 17.23, 57 Alan McAdam 24.18, 95 Rachel McAdam 26.24, 271 finished


Standard Article 19th November 2019

Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club


A great week for the club with triumphs on and off road.


Gower Ultra, Gower Peninsula, South Wales, 34 miles multi-terrain

Rob Forbes wins again – this time by floating over 34 hilly miles in the Gower in the time many of us take to complete a road marathon.  The course for this scenic challenge keeps changing making “course records” hard to define but Rob’s pace was surely record breaking.

1 Rob Forbes (Cirencester AC) 4.30.12    122 finished


 Roundway Revenge, Devizes, 8 miles multi-terrain

Iron Lady, Corrine Clark demonstrated the breadth of her talents sailing in as first lady in the Roundway Revenge where James Thomas had a fine run to finish 4th with Ollie Pritchard  close behind on 7th.

1 Ed Knudsen (Avon Valley Runners) 49.22
4 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 51.36
7 Oliver Pritchard 53.14
21 Corinne Clark 1.01.44 - 1st lady
124 Liz Thomas 1.23.26   175 finished.  


Broadway Marathon, 26.2 miles multi-terrain

Our largest team tackled the Broadway marathon on a lovely crisp sunny morning and demonstrated, yet again, the depth of our off multi terrain/ultra talent.  Rob Brown (fit again at last) was 3rd  in 3.26 and Neil Corbiere 6th in 3.38 – great times given the rough going over 3000 ft of climbing and bitter winds..  Jill Hadland towed road expert Martin Croucher round and not far behind, Karen Higuera smashed 13 minutes from her marathon PB.

1 Neil Wicks (Stratford upon Avon RC) 3.20.40
3 Rob Brown (Cirencester AC) 3.26.42
6 Neil Corbiere 3.38.16
33 Martin Croucher 4.31.45
34 Jill Hadland 4.31.46
35 Karen Higuera 4.35.40
60 Rupert Chesmore 5.00.52     108 finished.  


On the road, in a trio of Wiltshire races a philosophical Dave Bell was second at Castle Combe,  Bill Leggate 3rd (and 1st V40)  in Sutton Benger and Becky Collier ran in Swindon.

 Castle Combe Chilly 10km, road

1 Michael Towler (Avon Valley Runners) 32.21
2 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 32.45
125 Constant Fischer 42.59
184 James Widdowson 45.19
191 Joyce Matthews 45.40
212 David Moss 47.07
434 Barbara Thomas 54.50   812 finished.  

Sutton Benger '5', nr Chippenham, 5 miles road

BillLegg1 Jack Bancroft (Bristol & West AC) 24.54
3 Bill Leggate (Cirencester AC) 27.21 - 1st V40
68 Tian Porter 39.32   186 finished.  

Swindon 10km, Wroughton, 10km road

1 Courtenay Chessell (Swindon Harriers) 35.03
236 Rebecca Collier (Cirencester AC) 52.19   539 finished.  


 Castle Combe Chilly Duathlon, 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run

Held at Castle Combe racing circuit, this duathlon comprised 2-mile flat run, followed by a 10-mile flat bike on super smooth tarmac, topped off with another 2-mile run to finish. Sarah Gunn was second female and first in her age category and first female in the bike section.

1 Alex Doherty (Goode2swim), (10.34; 20.31; 10.59) 43:30

Sarah Gunn (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (13.11; 24.45; 13.38) 53.59 – 1st F sup vet.

291 finished


Parkruns, 5km trail


Ollie Campbell was piped to 2nd at Chippenham and Sam Cook led a larger club team round Cirencester but only Jon Young achieved a PB.  Run of the week to Jacob McAdam who managed to get out of bed in time to run at Black Park, Slough.


Cirencester AC finishers:
18 Sam Cook (J) 21.50, 22 Caroline Cotterell 22.02, 25 Neil Morrissey 22.15, 27 Jon Young 22.27, 54 Paul Tims 24.46, 76 Pam Wheeler 26.56, 78 Simon Campbell 27.15, 94 Samantha Timms 28.47, 115 Ruth Fulford 31.08, 168 finished
158 Barbara Thomas 26.40, 214 David Moss 28.19, 464 finished
Chippenham:  2 Ollie Campbell 17.57, 62 Alan McAdam 25.06, 85 Rachel McAdam 26.33, 211 finished
61 Bryan Reid 25.01, 212 finished
Black Park, Slough:  13 Jacob McAdam 19.46, 631 finished


Standard Article 12th November 2018

Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club                Report 11th Nov 2018



Gloucestershire AAA Road Running Championships

Liza Darroch leads a small but winning team of veteran ladies to triumph in the Gloucester AAA Road Running Series.  The Guy Fawkes run last weekend completed the series where competitors need to have competed in at least five of a possible 12 Gloucestershire road races.   Liza was first in the FV70 with Ruth Fulford a worthy second while Barbara T was second in the V60 category and Karen Higuera achieved  a fine third in the much more competitive FV50 group.  Gordon Jones was the only man to complete sufficient races to qualify but he should be very proud of a hard won 4th place in the men’sV65.  And the other good news is that our Summer 10k race features in 2019 Glos AAA champs.


Cirencester Athletics Winners


FV 50 3rd  Karen Higuera

FV60  2nd  Barbara Thomas

FV70  1st  Liza Darroch

            2nd Ruth Fulford



V65   4th Gordon Jones


Sodbury Slog, Chipping Sodbury, 9.8 miles multi-terrain

Jill Hadland was a lone representative at the Sodbury Slog this year.  This very tough event which involves slurry strewn fields, mud filled trenches and lung busting inclines is like a super long cross country race but has always been her favourite.  The course was slightly altered this year to avoid badger setts but Jill still loved it and was unworried by being slightly slower than last year.


1 Ben Rawkins (Westbury Harriers) 1.03.39
136 Jill Hadland (Cirencester AC) 1.28.01   994 finished.  



 Eddum Ultra, Brecon, 43.5 miles multi-terrain

Tim Ingham found the informal Eddum Ultra to launch his career as an ultra runner and found it very hard but rewarding.  Backed by extensive training, Tim was able to keep with the lead group for the first three quarters of the race as they scrambled more than 7000 feet over hill and moor.   The icy streams ensured ten hours of wet feet but the views made it worth it until bad knees forced him to walk.  Towards the end Tim struggled to find the final way markers in the dark to finish in 10 hours 38 minutes.  Undaunted, he is already saying he will do more ultras in the future.


10 November 2018, parkruns, 5km trail

Two great wins this week, James Thomas at Worcester and Ollie Campbell at Chippenham but no PB’s so run of the week to Junior Sam Cook who needs only a bit more speed to threaten the PB he set earlier this year.  Thomas McNally travelled the furthest to run in Cork.


Cirencester AC finishers:
4 Simon Campbell 19.55, 13 Sam Cook (J) 21.56, 21 Caroline Cotterell 23.11, 85 Samantha Timms 29.36, 147 finished
12 Jacob McAdam 19.49, 122 Alan McAdam 24.19, 186 Rachel McAdam 26.28, 502 finished
Chippenham:  1 Ollie Campbell 18.03, 227 finished
Worcester Pitchcroft:  
1 James Thomas 17.19, 286 finished
Glengarriff, Co. Cork, Ireland:  13 Thomas McNally 28.13, 32 finished


Standard Article 5th November 2018

Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club                      Report 4th Nov 2018


Gloucestershire XC League (2 of 4), Charlton Park, Malmesbury

As we approach the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, we wondered yet again “Where have all the young men gone?” when, for the second meet of the Gloucestershire Cross Country League, we were able to field three ladies teams while the men struggled to produce the six needed for a single team. Everyone enjoyed a flat, dry course at Charlton Park although the quality field resulted in the ladies teams finishing in 14th, 24th and 35th positions, despite having Jo Musk and Nicola Denning (great to have them both back competing after long layoffs with injury) and Lexi Shea in the top 50.   But a certain ‘maturity’ enabled the teams to finish in 5th, 11th and 23rd places in the Masters Champs.  Meanwhile the men’s team also managed to field three (Bill Leggatte, James Thomas and Oliver Pritchard) in the top 50 and so to also finish in 14th place.  



1 Heather Fell (Team Bath AC) 25.36
41 Jo Musk (Cirencester AC) 30.16
43 Nicola Denning 30.23
49 Alexis Shea 30.45
59 Kate Sackett 31.18 
76 Karen Higuera 32.30
101 Jo Roberts 34.19
111 Liz Thomas 35.01
113 Sarah Whitehouse 35.05
149 Pam Wheeler 38.46
157 Helen Manners 41.00    171 finished

Teams (3 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 14pts, 14 Cirencester AC 133pts, 24 Cirencester AC 'B' 236pts, 35 Cirencester AC 'C' 373pts, 39 closed in
Masters (3 to score):
1 Forest of Dean AC 66pts, 5 Cirencester AC 133pts, 11 Cirencester AC 'B' 236pts, 23 Cirencester AC 'C' 419pts, 26 closed in.



1 Alex Lawrence (Bath University) 32.40
25 Bill Leggate (Cirencester AC) 34.42
39 James Thomas 35.36
50 Oliver Pritchard 36.21
94 Aaron Willis 39.30
198 Keith Firkin 45.14
219 Dorian Matts 47.28   249 finished

Teams (6 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 53pts, 14 Cirencester AC 625pts, 25 closed in

It was exciting to see two junior teams finishing 6th and 7th.  Sisters Millie and Izzy Chudley were helped by Eleanor Sheffield in the U11 girls and Henry Sheffield won the U13 Boys to be supported by Zac Humphries and Tom Williams.  In the U15 Boys, ……Archie Sheffield was 7th and Sam Cook18th and in the U17/U20 boys Ollie Campbell was 2nd U17 and 5th overall while (young) Luke Buck was 15th.


U11 Girls
12 Millie Chudley (Cirencester AC) 11.00
28 Eleanor Sheffield 11.49
41 Izzy Chudley 12.34
Team (3 to score): 1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 10pts, 6 Cirencester AC 81pts

U13 Boys

1 Henry Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 12.49
29 Zac Humphries 15.15
35 Tom Williams 15.21
39 Henry Broadley 15.36
45 Andrew Woods 16.23
Team (3 to score): 1 Worcester AC 22pts, 7 Cirencester AC 65pts

U15 Boys
7 Archie Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 17.16
18 Sam Cook 19.00

U17/U20 Boys
5 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 24.37 - 2nd U17
15 Luke Buck (Cirencester AC) 26.19


Guy Fawkes '5', Tewkesbury, 5 miles road

At Tewkesbury, Karen Higuera did not let an unpleasant combination of bonfire smoke and a wheezy chest stop her winning her FV50 age group but it did spoil her chances of a hoped for PB.

1 Marcus England (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 26.21
88 Karen Higuera (Cirencester AC) 36.58 - 1st FV50     390 finished


Marlow 7 miles trail

At Marlow, Kate Fitton and Dave Moss both scampered round 7 wet, off road miles in little over 60 minutes to finish well up the field.

1 James Samson (Datchet Dashers) 40.07
119 Kate Fitton (Cirencester AC) 1.00.46 (chip time 59.33)
132 David Moss 1.02.25 (1.01.11)
492 finished. 


Venice Marathon, Italy, 26.2 miles road

Last week end saw Italy lashed by storm force winds and serious flooding making nearly all of the exposed course of the Venice marathon super tough and miserably wet so Sarah Whitehouse was particularly relieved (and pleased) to wade over the finish line despite ankle deep icy water.

  1 Gebre Ayenew (Ethiopia) 2.13.23
3269 Sarah Whitehouse (Cirencester AC) 4.40.05 (chip time 4.37.17)
4912 finished.


 parkruns, 5km trail


Run of the week to Isaac McAdam who won at Swindon although he failed to threaten his PB despite tough training at Loughborough University. Congratulations too, to Rachel McAdam who finally managed to knock 9 seconds from her “usual” time and to Simon Campbell who was 3rd at Cirencester.   Good to see Jon Young having a go for the first time at Cirencester and Caroline Cotterell going well at Worcester.


Cirencester AC finishers:
3 Simon Campbell 19.52, 20 Jon Young 22.51, 158 finished
1 Isaac McAdam 17.32, 108 Alan McAdam 24.15, 155 Rachel McAdam 26.09, 184 Barbara Thomas 26.53, 484 finished
322 Thomas McNally 30.17, 498 finished
Worcester Pitchcroft:  33 Caroline Cotterell 20.52, 239 finished



Standard Article 29th October 2018



Bill Leggatte and Kate Sackett emerge as well deserved 2018 Road Race Champions after six or more great results in the qualifying races.   Bill who shot to the top after a very quiet 2017, was also first in the Club Runner Champs but, owing to a bar preventing one runner receiving both awards, this award for 2018 goes to Nick Holliday.  Club Runner is designed to reward both improvement and participation so no surprise then that, after a season long battle between Kate and Karen, this went to Karen Higuera. Congratulations to all four and members are advised to check the rest of the results on our web site - they may find some interesting surprises.


Gloucester 10km, Haresfield, 10km road

Another great run from Dave Bell when he finally succeeded in cracking a sub 32 minute 10k target in Gloucester but a quality field pegged him to 12th place.  It is worth noting that Dave will have to reduce this PB by a further 41 seconds to threaten the club absolute record of 31.11 set by Chris Illman in 2008.  Sophie Chudley also went well finishing in 39.10 and Joyce Matthews popped up again to be followed in by (a recovered) Barbara Thomas.

1 Peter LeGrice (Mounts Bay Harriers) 29.44
12 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 31.52
79 Sophie Chudley 39.10
195 Joyce Matthews 46.39
387 Barbara Thomas 54.56   787 finished.  


Calne Clock Challenge 10km, road

Dave Wright chose Calne to attack and beat his own age group record finishing in 12th place in 38.18.  Caroline Cotterell was also first in her FV45 age group and her time of 44.52 gave her 4th lady.

 1 Thomas Davies (Team Bath AC) 34.59
12 David Wright (Cirencester AC) 38.18 - 1st V60, club V60 record
55 Caroline Cotterell 44.52 - 4th lady / 1st FV45   326 finished.  


Calne Clock Challenge 5km, road

Also in Calne, Sally Jamieson finished the 5km course in 26.35 and Ruth Fulford set an inaugural club V70 Record of 29.51.

1 Matthew Green (Newbury AC) 16.36
51 Sally Jamieson (Cirencester AC) 26.35
69 Ruth Fulford 29.51 - inaugural club FV70 record   147 finished.  


 Snowdonia Marathon, 26.2 miles road

Tom Purnell romped up and down the slopes of the Snowdonia marathon to finish 173rd  in a field of over 2000.

1 Russell Bentley (Eryri Harriers) 2.38.21
173 Tom Purnell (Cirencester AC) 3.32.44   2186 finished.  


 Beachy Head Marathon, Sussex, 26.2 miles trail

Martin Croucher went back to Beachy Head to revitalise his target of completing his 100th marathon there this time next year.  In a fine imitation of Dad Terry, Martin “pottered round” taking photographs of the stunning scenery and eating anything and everything he was offered while still managing to finish in (just) under 5 hours.

1 Andy Coley-Maud (Clapham Chasers) 2.49.02
732 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 4.57.31   2212 finished.  




parkruns, 5km trail


Cirencester played host to some pretty speedy newcomers this week and Run of the Week goes to Jo Roberts who returned to park running full of marathon training to finish within 90 seconds of her best time set on the (faster) Swindon course over four years ago. Again club representation was poor but Paul and Sam Timms kept her company.  James Widdowson continued to chip seconds away in the fight back to his PB, also set in Swindon, but way back in 2012.  Swindon saw a steady run from Alan MacAdam while wife Rachel showed great consistency finishing in 26.18 for the third time in her last five parkruns.  Finally, even when Kate Sackett took her foot (slightly) off the pedal (back up in Workington), she finished as 2nd lady.


Cirencester AC finishers:
27 Jo Roberts 24.08, 38 Paul Timms 25.21, 89 Samantha Timms 30.13, 150 finished
93 David Moss 24.04, 106 Alan McAdam 24.39, 148 Rachel McAdam 26.18, 182 Barbara Thomas 27.26, 461 finished
16 James Widdowson 22.01, 125 finished
Workington:  17 Kate Sackett 22.43, 136 finished


Standard Article 22nd October 2018




Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club            Report 21 October 2018,




Stroud ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road


For once, Dave Bell found the tough competition he needs on his doorstep and the Stroud Half Marathon produced many good performances on a perfect autumn morning.    Dave was satisfied with his fight from 6th to 3rd place finishing in 1.10 and only failing to catch the race winner (who was said to be preparing for a sub 2.15 marathon) and Ben Price from Cheltenham – his usual local competition.  Ian Barrett continued a good season to finish in 1.21 and Sophie Chudley’s 1.26 earned her a prize as 3rd local lady.   Tim Ingham knocked yet more seconds from his recent PB and Constant Fischer and James Widdowson both ran well. The battle between Kate Sackett and Karen Higuera continued with Kate proving fitter on the day. Gordon Jones showed he should race the greater distance more often and Rupert Chesmore and Liza Darroch (like Kate) were pleased to be racing only two weeks after the Chester Marathon.  Good to see Louise Horner Baggs joining the team and congratulations to an ailing and weary Barbara Thomas who drew on enormous mental strength to drag herself cross the line.


1 Andrew Davies (Stockport Harriers) 1.08.05
3 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 1.10.15
33 Ian Barrett 1.21.24 (chip time (1.21.22)
75 Sophie Chudley 1.26.16 (1.26.12) - 5th lady
223 Tim Ingham 1.35.20 (1.35.02)
260 Constant Fischer 1.36.43 (1.36.32)
352 James Widdowson 1.40.14 (1.39.56)
436 Kate Sackett 1.43.26 (1.43.08)
534 Karen Higuera 1.45.43 (1.45.24)
544 Gordon Jones 1.46.09 (1.45.51)
651 Rupert Chesmore 1.50.02 (1.49.26)
782 Louise Horner-Baggs 1.54.32 (1.53.44)
1038 Liza Darroch 2.02.28 (2.01.52) - 1st FV70
1298 Barbara Thomas 2.15.35 (2.14.12)   1670 finished.  




Note: Stroud Half was the final race in the Club Road Running Championships and looks to have caused little change in the placings but, as any marathons completed have yet to be included, the official results will be announced next week.




Abingdon Marathon, 26.2 miles road


Congratulations too to Lesley Hinsley and Rebecca Collier who had their first go at a marathon and, we understand, talked non stop for all the 26.2 miles round Abingdon to finish in a respectable 4.23.and raise thousands of pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.


1 Maciej Bialogonski (Bristol & West AC) 2.26.56
677 Lesley Hinsley (Cirencester AC) 4.23.36 (chip time 4.22.19)
678 Rebecca Collier 4.23.36 (4.22.19)     747 finished.  




Great South Run, Portsmouth, 10 miles road


Nick Holliday, Caroline Cotterell and Paul and Sam Timms joined over eleven thousand others in the Great South Run in Portsmouth.  Nick, who was recovering from food poisoning, had to settle with completing the 10 miles in 1.09.


1 Chris Thompson (Aldershot Farnham & District) 46.56
525 Nick Holliday (Cirencester AC) 1.09.10
1082 Caroline Cotterell 1.14.20
2200 Paul Timms 1.20.13
7788 Samantha Timms 1.40.13    11601 finished.  




parkruns, 5km trail




Our (older) juniors dominated again this week with a fine win by Ollie Campbell at Swindon where Luke Buck was 7th.  Run of the week to Corinne Clark who continued her fight for a sub 20 time finishing 2nd lady with a new parkrun PB. The McAdams were minus their speedy sons and it was left to Pam Wheeler and Thomas McNally to represent the club in our local Cirencester parkrun while Jason Humm finished 9th at Cheltenham.




Cirencester AC finishers:
57 Pam Wheeler 27.17, 81 Thomas McNally 29.26, 163 finished
1 Ollie Campbell (J) 17.51, 7 Luke Buck (J) 19.12, 22 Corinne Clark (2nd lady) 20.10, 98 Kerrie Smith 23.54, 111 Alan McAdam 24.25, 169 Rachel McAdam 26.18, 486 finished
9 Jason Humm, 19.07   446 finished




Standard Article 15th October 2018

Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club               Report 14 October 2018


Belated and renewed congratulations to Adrian Williams whose great performance at the World Age Group Duathlon Champs in Denmark in July was recently upgraded to bronze medal status following the disqualification of a Spanish athlete for drugs violations and now for another fine performance  and 3rd place at Bowood House this week end.  Congratulations too, to son Tom who was 6th in his 11-12 age group and young Millie Chudley finishing 19th in her 9-10 age group.

Bowood House Duathlon, Calne, 5km run, 21km bike, 5km run (splits to follow)

1 Geoff Owen (unattached) 1.07.09 
3 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) 1.20.15     120 finished.  

 Bowood House Duathlon, Calne, junior races

Age 9-10, 1.2km run, 3km bike, 400m run
19 Millie Chudley (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (7.59; 11.33; 2.37) 22.09
Age 11-12, 1.2km run, 6km bike, 400m run
6 Tom Williams (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (7.15; 13.52; 2.27) 25.38


Gloucestershire XC League (1 of 4), Old Down Country Park, Thornbury

The new cross country season kicked off in Thornbury where our four teams celebrated two birthdays, enjoyed atypically warm and dry conditions and ate cake.  After many individual battles against fierce competition and strong winds our one junior team finished 4th, the Ladies (with 3 to score) 11th and 29th and the Men(needing 6 to score) 6th   Our “senior” teams fared slightly better in the Masters with 10th and 20th for the Ladies (still 3 to score) and 3rd for the men (with a reduced 4 to score) so giving us a firm platform on which to build over the next three meets. A particular welcome to X country newcomers including Eleanor Sheffield, Alexi Shea and Rachel Jones and a warm welcome awaits any other members wanting to give it a go.


U11 Girls            25 Eleanor Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 12.15
U13 Boys              1 Henry Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 11.52
                            21 Tom Williams 13.56
                            32 Henry Broadley 14.14
                            33 Zac Humphries 14.20
Team (3 to score): 1 Team Bath AC 27pts, 4 Cirencester AC 54pts
U15 Boys              8 Archie Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 23.39
U17/U20 Boys    13 Luke Buck (Cirencester AC) 29.17



1 Jessica Gibbon (Bath University) 25.53
17 Corinne Clark (Cirencester AC) 31.11
39 Alexis Shea 34.05
52 Kate Sackett 35.13
116 Pam Wheeler 42.40
120 Rachel Jones 43.29
125 Helen Manners 45.28
130 Ruth Fulford 49.23    133 finished



Teams (3 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 18pts, 11 Cirencester AC 108pts, 29 Cirencester AC 'B' 317pts, 31 closed in
Masters (3 to score):
1 Stroud AC 73pts, 10 Cirencester AC 207pts, 20 Cirencester AC 'B' 375pts, 20 closed in



1 Dominic James (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 35.41
10 Bill Leggate (Cirencester AC) 38.21
19 James Thomas 38.51
25 Oliver Pritchard 39.45
27 Charles Woodd 40.00
75 David Wright 44.11
109 Lee Lawrence 46.08
140 Tim Ingham 48.08
166 Keith Firkin 51.02      208 finished

Teams (6 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 51pts, 6 Cirencester AC 265pts, 21 closed in
Masters (4 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 111pts, 3 Cirencester AC 252pts, 21 closed in

Cardiff ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road.  Results were late last week but both Paul and Sam Timms were pleased with their times on this fast course.

1 Jack Rayner (Australia) 1.01.01 (chip time 1.01.00)
2641 Paul Timms (Cirencester AC) 1.48.06 (1.46.54)
8555 Samantha Timms 2.19.05 (2.12.46)     18983 finished. 


Great West Run ½ Marathon, Exeter, 13.1 miles road.  This weekend Martin Croucher took it easy accompanying work colleagues round a very wet Exeter.

1 Peter Le Grice (Bristol & West AC) 1.06.23 (chip time 1.06.22)
681 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 1.51.53 (1.49.59)   2217 finished


parkruns, 5km trail

Run of the week goes to an ever improving James Widdowson, thrilled to be 7th at Cirencester where super vet Gordon Jones was 10th.  Junior Ollie Campbell continued his fight back to top form by coming 3rd at Chippenham and Ken Wells popped for his annual(?) parkrun in Weymouth .


Cirencester AC finishers:
7 James Widdowson 22.05, 10 Gordon Jones 22.47, 129 finished
20 Jacob McAdam 20.39, 106 Alan McAdam 24.31, 126 Lisa Carpenter 25.27, 169 Rachel McAdam 27.27,  174 Barbara Thomas 27.36, 310 David Moss 33.20,      421 finished
3 Ollie Campbell (J) 18.23, 152 finished
Torbay Velopark:  
51 Martin Croucher 25.11, 160 finished
Weymouth:  266 Ken Wells 38.29, 286 finished

Standard Article 8th October 2018

                         CIRENCESTER AC and TRIATHLON CLUB


Chester Marathon, 26.2 miles road, National Masters Championships. This is a story of team spirit and commitment from a group of CAC ultra runners who set out to encourage seven “marathon virgins” to take part.  Rupert Chesmore, Liza Darroch and Martin Croucher, with support from Dan Finchett, guided and helped to achieve greatness for the group. On the day, with a goal of four hours hanging over many of them, Caroline Buck ran with a broken toe, Lisa Stevens with a recent wedding behind her and Martin Croucher needing to qualify for his umpteenth Comrades Marathon; everyone covered themselves in glory. Also, Liza (stomach cramps) won a National gold medal/CAC age group record and Rupert Chesmore (groin strain) set a CAC age group record.

Results.1 Mohammed Abu-Rezeq (Altrincham & District AC) 2.25.20, 634 Martin Croucher 3.26.32, 713 Dan Finchett 3.29.43, 1118 Kate Sackett 3.47.50, 1445 Lisa Stevens 3.59.25, 1517 Caroline Buck 4.01.22, 1552 Rachel Ranger 4.02.54, 1579 Jo Roberts 4.04.41, 1613 Rupert Chesmore 4.06.51, 1964 Liza Darroch 4.24.58,  2258 Gary Wood 4.41.49. 3800 finished. 

Bournemouth Marathon, 26.2 miles road. Meanwhile, on the south coast Rachel Barrow just missed her five-hour target whilst Paul was delighted to finish what might be his last marathon.

Results.1st  Iain Trickett (Dorset Doddlers) 2.25.45, 1769 Rachel Barrow 5.05.31,
2159 Paul Barrow 6.32.10. 2160 finished. 

Cricklade ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road. A revitalised Simon Campbell just stayed ahead of the intrepid Neil Corbiere in a close fought battle. Lee Lawrence set a very good time to finish 32nd and there were many positive results in mid-field.  Rachel Jones, in her first half and Karen Carter were encouraged home by Club Chairman Pam Wheeler.

Results.1st Sam Upton (Witney Road Runners) 1.14.20, 8 Simon Campbell 1.22.57, 11 Neil Corbiere 1.24.33, 32 Lee Lawrence 1.32.08, 167 Rebecca Collier 1.57.04, 168 Lesley Hinsley 1.57.04, 235 Karen Carter 2.13.43, 236 Rachel Jones 2.13.43, 237 Pam Wheeler 2.13.44. 252 finished. 

Cricklade 10km, road. Great things are always expected of Dave Bell and he ran another fine race to win at Cricklade whilst Sophie Chudley made it a Ciren double as she was first lady home and first FV35. David Wright is also having a wonderful season and he came in seventh and was, unsurprisingly, first V60 with Caroline Cotterell finishing 4th lady.

Results. 1stDave Bell 32.24, 7 David Wright 38.24, 10 Sophie Chudley 39.37,
18 Nick Holliday 41.07, 26 James Widdowson 44.24, 28 Caroline Cotterell 44.27,
35 Gordon Jones 46.07, 95 Barbara Thomas 53.52, 146 Helen Manners 59.27, 183 Nina Lawrence 1.04.34. 235 finished.  

Oxford ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road.   

After the event Tom Renton-Rose said, “I found it tough and feel I should have done better” which sums-up so many of us at the end of a hard race. He still finished in the top twenty percent with Penny Grayson in the pack. 

Results.1 Ben Cole (Tonbridge AC) 1.08.37, 1349 Tom Renton-Rose 1.42.53, 6876 Penny Grayson 2.35.06. 8648 finished.  


parkruns, 5km trail. With bad weather and so many CAC runners at other events the highlights at parkrun were a second lady finish for Corinne Clark and a third  for Caroline Cotterell as her warm-up for Cricklade.

9 Sam Cook (J) 22.39, 27 Caroline Cotterell 25.35. 111 finished
16 Corinne Clark 20.34, 183 Barbara Thomas 27.34. 377 finished
Chippenham: 18 Ollie Campbell (J) 21.54. 152 finished
Colney Lane: 
48 Alan McAdam 25.00, 79 Rachel McAdam 28.18. 152 finished.


Standard Article 1st October 2018

Dave Wright smashed a club age group record in Cheltenham knocking nearly  two minutes from the time he ran in Denmark last year. On a tortuous course but amongst many quality runners Dave was able to achieve an impressive 1.23.48 and a V60 1st .  Sad then that he was the sole representative of club in such a local half marathon.

Cheltenham ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road

1 Ben Price (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 1.09.51 (chip time 1.09.50)
56 David Wright (Cirencester AC) 1.23.50 (1.23.48) - 1st V60 / club V60 record    2912 finished.  


As a club championship race, the Witney 10 attracted a few more members, with Bill Leggate finishing 4th but a frustrating 4 seconds over his target time of 58 minutes.  Tim Ingham relished the short distance after so many half marathons to finish a satisfying 59th but the real battle was between two close contenders for the Women’s Club Championships.  Karen Higuera led for the first half of the race but Kate Sackett was able to sneak past on one of the many downhill sections.  Undeterred and with trail marathon stamina, Karen pulled away again on the next climb only for super competitive Kate to get ahead again in the last half mile finishing 24 seconds ahead.  In the process Kate stripped over two minutes from an FV55 record set by Carol Clark at Witney in 2005.  With two more races to go (and potential score for a marathon) Bill Legatte’s lead of both the men’s Road Race and Club Runner Championship looks very strong.  While Kate looks set for the Road Race but Karen should take the Club Runner given that it rewards both race participation and personal improvements.  However the indefatigable Barbara Thomas remains in the mix for both Championships.


Cotswold Classic '10', Witney, 10 miles road

1 James Bolton (Woodstock Harriers) 56.37
4 Bill Leggate (Cirencester AC) 58.04
59 Tim Ingham 1.11.57
108 Kate Sackett 1.17.30 - club FV55 record
110 Karen Higuera 1.17.54
194 Barbara Thomas 1.36.18   229 finished.  


Sharon O’Keeffe and Nina Lawrence ran together for three quarters of the Forest of Dean trails half marathon but the pair split up at a water station for Sharon to finish some 9 minutes ahead. Having joined the Club Beginners Group some two year ago, they can both be very proud to have worked up to racing half marathons.

Forest of Dean Autumn Trails Half Marathon, 13.1 miles trail

1 Jonathan Barnes (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 1.15.31 (chip time 1.15.30)
893 Sharon O'Keeffe (Cirencester AC) 2.30.19 (2.28.54)
960 Nina Lawrence 2.39.03 (2.37.38)        1022 finished. 


Parkruns 5km trail


Running mates Isaac McAdam and Luke Campbell were both runner up in their new local events.  Other competitors in Loughborough and Bodmin will need to stay on their toes to avoid defeat in the weeks to come.  At Cirencester, Ian Barrett was 4th, Simon Campbell 5th and Nick Holliday 9th.  Run of the week is shared between Caroline Cotterell finishing as 1st lady and James Widdowson with a new PB.   With one week to go before their Bournemouth marathon Rob Tuttle and Rachel and Paul Barrow were more cautious.  While Alan and Rachel McAdam were to the only members to run at Swindon, son Jacob was back in Slough and Bryan Reid in Banbury.


Cirencester AC finishers:
4 Ian Barrett 18.35, 5 Simon Campbell 18.36, 9 Nick Holliday 20.10, 14 Caroline Cotterell (1st lady) 21.37, 17 James Widdowson 21.40, 36 Rob Tuttle 24.09, 41 Paul Timms 24.29, 60 Ella Shaftoe (J) 26.12, 83 Rachel Barrow 28.16, 89 Samantha Timms 28.30, 130 Paul Barrow 32.34, 181 finished
109 Alan McAdam 24.11, 172 Rachel McAdam 26.18, 436 finished
Black Park, Slough: 13 Jacob McAdam 19.40, 594 finished
Dishley, Loughborough: 2 Isaac McAdam 17.24, 283 finished
Lanhydrock, Bodmin: 2 Luke Campbell 18.38, 152 finished
Banbury: 59 Bryan Reid 24.23, 261