Standard Article 14th December 2017

With many races including this month’s cross country competition cancelled because of snow, results are limited to parkruns and races in mainland Spain and The Canary Isles. 

Kate Sackett’s winning year continued with an age group win in a four race series in Lanzarote.  She finished first FV55 in three of the four events and ended half way up the high quality field.

Lanzarote Running Challenge,

Overall results:
1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 2.47.17
111 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 4.11.10 - 1st FV55
223 finished.  

Day 4 of 4, La Vuelta de Tinajo ½ marathon road

1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 1.08.01
112 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 1.45.26 - 1st FV55

Day 3 of 4, 5km beach

1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 18.33
135 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 28.03 - 2nd FV55

Day 2 of4, Ridge Run, 13km multi-terrain
1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 48.16
107 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 1.11.09 - 1st FV55
Day 1 of 4, 10km road
1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 32.29
99 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 46.03 - 1st FV55


Martin Croucher and David Moss went to Malaga to run a marathon in warm sunshine.  We lack official results but understand that the level course enabled Martin to run yet another negative split and complete in 3 hours 25 and Dave to finish in 4 hours 12 minutes.

parkruns, 5km trail

Cirencester AC finishers: 

A week of winners found Isaac McAdam first at Swindon, Jacob McAdam  at Black Park and Ollie Campbell at Chippenham with Kate Sackett (again) first lady at Stonehouse.

 Swindon:  1 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.26, 21 Sam Cook (J) 21.09, 107 Alan McAdam 24.45, 178 Barbara Thomas 27.49 360 finished
Chippenham: 1 Ollie Campbell (J) 18.24, 144 finished
Stonehouse: 9 Kate Sackett (1st lady) 23.15, 44 finished
Thornbury: 68 Ruth Fulford 30.56, 116 finished
Black Park, Slough: 1 Jacob McAdam 17.35, 424 finished
De la Ramée, Toulouse, France: 14 David Lattimore 33.47, 14 finished

Standard Article 5th December 2017

Nick Holliday and Caroline Cotterell raced around two flat loops near the village of Bromham to earn a Christmas pudding each.  Nick used this very popular and well supported race to experiment with running a 5km negative split and Caroline was thrilled to knock one minute from her previous 10k time.

Bromham Pudding Run, nr Devizes, 10km road

1 Simon Nott (Calne RC) 31.38
49 Nick Holliday (Cirencester AC) 41.31 2nd MV60
114 Caroline Cotterell 46.12                           438 finished. 


 parkruns, 5km trail

The battle between two young juniors, Sam Cook and Tom Prosser continued this week inspiring Sam to produce his fastest time for the Swindon course as he pushed nearly one minute ahead of Tom.  Tom, along with most of our other runners, slowed this week suggesting tough conditions and making Sam’s PB even more impressive. Further up the field Isaac McAdam finished in third place.  It was good to see Luke Campbell’s tentative return after injury but with a PB some five minutes faster he clearly has some way to go.  Younger brother Ollie continued his great season of running by finishing first at Chippenham.  David Moss and David Lattimore both found small events in Liverpool and Toulouse.

Cirencester AC finishers:
3 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.28, 27 Sam Cook (J) 20.57, 33 Tom Prosser (J) 21.42, 43 Luke Campbell 22.10,71 Gordon Jones 23.09, 120 Alan McAdam 24.47, 176 Barbara Thomas 27.36, 198 Rachel Jones 28.27, 352 finished
Chippenham: 1 Ollie Campbell (J) 18.42, 136 finished

Knowsley, Liverpool: 
10 David Moss 23.04, 40 finished
De la Ramée, Toulouse, France: 6 David Lattimore 30.27, 8 finished


Standard Article 28th November 2017

Eynsham 10km, nr Oxford, 10km road 

A victorious Jo Musk returned from the Eynsham 10km bearing no less than four trophies having finished as first lady and first in her LV35 age group.  Steady training and focused work with Dave Wright have brought Jo back to winning form and we can look forward to more successes in 2018.  Veterans Wendy  Nicholls and Gordon Jones also performed well in this highly competitive race.

1 Matthieu Marshall (Southampton AC) 32.52
45 Jo Musk (Cirencester AC) 37.34 - 1st lady / FV35
81 Wendy Nicholls 39.20 - 5th lady
241 Gordon Jones 45.14     583 finished.  

Lee Lawrence finished 61st in the Gloucester 10k where Barbara Thomas enjoyed yet another two race weekend.


Gloucester 10km, road

 1 Carwyn Jones (Cardiff AAC) 31.19
61 Lee Lawrence (Cirencester AC) 42.02
315 Barbara Thomas 55.08
564 Nina Lawrence 1.08.16  660 finished.

After last weekend’s triumphant ultra run, Robbie Brown  opted to support  his wife and sister around the undulating Wiltshire Half marathon enabling both to achieve PB’s.  Rhiannon was thrilled to knock three and half minutes from her time for the course  of  2014.

Wiltshire ½ Marathon, Westbury, 13.1 miles road

1 Jamie McBrien (Corsham RC) 1.16.01
131 Robbie Brown (Cirencester AC) 1.45.51
155 Rhiannon Brown 1.48.41  333 finished.  

Cyprus Challenge,  4 events over 4 days mixed terrain

Inspired by James Widdowson’s campaign to raise funds for research into Alzheimer's after the death of his father, Ionel Iancu and Nick Wall accompanied him to Cyprus for a challenging four day running event. A 6km time trial was followed by a 11km hill climb and half marathon, where James struggled, to finish with a 10km  road race.  The results below tell the story of varied running on increasingly tired legs with the evenings’ chilled beers helping with the high temperatures.

Final standings:

44 Ionel Iancu total time 3:48:48;  79 James Widdowson 4.11.51  

208 finishers of all four events.

Day 1 of 4, 6km time trial,  road

1 William Gardner (Airforce 1) 20.19
35 Ionel Iancu (Cirencester AC) 23.56
76 James Widdowson 26.29   220 finished.

Day 2 of 4, 11km trail

1 William Gardner (Airforce 1) 48.25
42 Ionel Iancu 1.03.39   71 James Widdowson 1.09.26   213 finished.  
Day 3 of 4, ½ Marathon road

1 William Gardner (Airforce 1) 1.17.58
49 Ionel Iancu 1.38.29   97 James Widdowson 1.50.37  

106 Nick Wall 1.53.20    231 finished.  

 Day 4 of 4   10k road

1 William Gardner (Airforce 1) 35.11
49 Ionel Iancu  42.44 76 James Widdowson 45.19    262 finished.  

Last weekend saw Gordon and Rachel Jones complete the “super flat, super fast” Sutton Benger Flyer 5.
November 19th Sutton Benger Flyer 5 mile Road
1 Josh Dixon (Stroud AC) 26:00.3
51 Gordon Jones (Cirencester AC) 35:08.2  3rdV60 
136 Rachel Jones 45:33.8     218 Finished

parkruns, 5km trail

Jacob McAdam was clearly in attacking mood when he finished second in Slough only three seconds from his Black Park parkrun PB.  Younger brother Isaac also finished second at Swindon having been chased by Ian Barrett who finished fourth.  David Moss was back on form and Gordon Jones enjoyed a warm up for the Sunday’s Eynsham 10k. Alan McAdam and Barbara Thomas ran well while Caroline Cotterell walked and jogged round helping her 77 yr old mother complete her first parkrun well under an hour.  Junior Ollie Campbell finished sixth at Chippenham.


Cirencester AC finishers:
2 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.31, 4 Ian Barrett 18.07, 80 David Moss 23.11, 104 Gordon Jones 23.58,  141 Alan McAdam 25.18, 191 Barbara Thomas 27.38, 413 Caroline Cotterell 53.49, 415 finished
Chippenham: 6 Ollie Campbell (J) 19.02, 166 finished

Black Park, Slough: 
2 Jacob McAdam 17.54, 502 finished

Standard Article 21st November 2017


Brecons Ultra, Wales, 46 miles multi-terrain
Robbie Brown had yet another great run in the Brecon Ultra beating many International  runners in a highly competitive event.  Finishing in 7th place ahead of several British Team members, Robbie again demonstrated his position as one of our very best runners.  Richard Hurdle also ran well to finish in 25th place and Lara Tompson produced a fine result finishing in the dark at the end of a wet and dismal day.


1 Sam Humphrey (Victoria Park Harriers) 6.14.58
7 Robbie Brown (Cirencester AC) 7.10.25
25 Richard Hurdle 8.23.01
184 Lara Tompson 12.05.53   210 finished.  


Castle  Combe Chilly 10km, road

 Dave Bell, another top club runner, had a convincing win in the Castle Combe  Chilly 10k having led from the gun to finish only 5 seconds short of his PB.  Barbara Thomas found another race to contribute to her annual tally and it was good to see Andrew Jones running competitively.


1 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 32.13
338 Barbara Thomas 54.09
386 Andrew Jones 55.59  700 finished.  


 Broadway Marathon, 26.2 miles multi-terrain

Compared to the 46 miles of the Brecons Ultra, the Broadway Marathon should have been a “walk in the park” albeit a very muddy one .  Karen Higuera thrived, racing up the long hills and skipping over the mud to finish halfway up the field and second in her age group despite losing her way towards the end. Rupert Chesmore and Liza Darroch enjoyed many stunning views but spent  much time wallowing in the mire.


1 Neil Wicks (Stratford upon Avon RC) 3.21.26
53 Karen Higuera (Cirencester AC) 4.51.24
99 Rupert Chesmore 6.14.54
100 Liza Darroch 6.14.54 - 1st FV60   105 finished. 


Cornish Marathon, Callington, 26.2 miles road

Elsewhere Martin Croucher ran yet another negative split marathon, this time in Cornwall, club returnee Keith Firkin ran a strong half marathon around Dorney Lake and Rebecca Collier ran the Swindon 10k in Wroughton.


1 Oliver Jones (East Cornwall Harriers) 2.52.49
79 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 3.41.16    410 finished.  


Windsor Autumn Classic ½ Marathon, Dorney Lake, Eton, 13.1 miles road


1 Oliver Harradence (Royal Sutton Coldfield AC) 1.12.38
82 Keith Firkin (Cirencester AC) 1.36.14     460 finished.  


Swindon 10km, Wroughton, 10km road


1 Simon Nott (Calne RC) 31.31
234 Rebecca Collier (Cirencester AC) 52.56    507 finished.  



Issaac McAdam won the Swindon parkrun although a faster time (17.17) last week had only given him 2nd place at Chipping Sodbury.  Hot on his heels was Ollie Campbell, two years his junior and achieving a PB for the course. 


Cirencester AC finishers:


Swindon: 1 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.35, 3 Ollie Campbell (J) 18.19, 15 Lee Lawrence 20.15, 28 Tom Prosser (J) 21.30, 33 Sam Cook (J) 22.03, 163 Barbara Thomas 27.08, 418 finished
Gloucester North: 83 Ruth Fulford 29.41, 141 finished

Black Park, Slough: 
13 Jacob McAdam 20.07, 550 finished

Standard Article 14th November 2017

Sodbury Slog, Chipping Sodbury, 9.8 miles multi-terrain

Jill Hadland proved her love of running through fields of slurry and along mud filled ditches when returning to her favourite Sodbury Slog where, after a great run in chilling wind, she finished 13th woman and 4th FV35.

1 Phil Radford (Bristol & West AC) 1.02.01
95 Jill Hadland (Cirencester AC) 1.23.04
1161 finished.  

Druid's Ridgway Challenge, Ivingho Beacon to Watlington, 29 miles trail

Martin Croucher went back to the Ridgeway but, having run the entire 87 miles last year, he restricted himself to the first 29 miles of the Druid’s Ridgeway Challenge.  A fine start, positively skipping up the first steep hill, enabled him to finish before it got dark (just) and to average around 9 minutes per mile despite tiring and slowing towards the end.

1 Kristian Morgan (Dulwich Park) 3.49.44
25 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 4.40.08 
146 finished.

parkruns, 5km trail

Yet again young Ollie Campbell showed us the way with a parkrun win at Chippenham although a faster time at Chipping Sodbury  brought Isaac McAdam over the line in second place with brother Jacob only seconds behind in third. Veteran Nick Holliday finished in 16th place at Swindon.  Under 15 Junior Tom Prosser finished soon after, ahead of super vet Gordon Jones and Sam Cook (who had beaten him at the XC the week before). Jill Hadland ensured Dave Moss took the race seriously but was unable to get anything but a steady run from a tired Martin Croucher.  Finally it was good to see Kate Sackett back on form at Stonehouse .

Cirencester AC finishers: 

Chippenham: 1 Ollie Campbell (J) 18.58, 151 finished

 Chipping Sodbury:  2 Isaac McAdam 17.17, 3 Jacob McAdam (J) 17.24, 96 Alan McAdam 24.33, 336 finished

Swindon: 16 Nick Holliday 20.22, 29 Tom Prosser (J) 21.10, 40 Gordon Jones 21.50,  41 Sam Cook (J) 21.51, 48 Jill Hadland 22.04, 61 David Moss 22.36, 81 Caroline Cotterell 23.02, 152 Martin Croucher 25.39, 209 Barbara Thomas 27.12, 444 finished

Cheltenham: 361 Robin Lloyd 35.06, 420 finished

Stonehouse: 8 Kate Sackett 22.51, 81 finished

Standard Article 7th November 2017

Gloucestershire XC League (2 of 4), Charlton Park, Malmesbury

As the mud deepens the appetite for Cross Country running (with cakes) seems to increase.

Our Junior boys teams achieved hard won 2nd and 3rd places in this month’s tough Cross Country meet at Charlton Park. It was exciting to see so many juniors competing and to have two U15 teams for the first time for some years. Henry Sheffield won the U11 Boys to secure 2nd team place with the help of Tom Williams and Zac Humphries. Ollie Campbell found the right race for his U15 age group this time to finish third. His team, with Luke Buck and Archie Sheffield also finished 3rd. A ‘B’ team of Sam Cook, Tom Prosser and George Masser finished 8th. Our only girl’s team, U 11’s with Millie Chudley, Emily Swaine and Bella Alcott, ran well to finish 5th.
U11 Girls
13 Millie Chudley (Cirencester AC) 12.00, 16 Emily Swaine 12.1, 29 Bella Alcott 13.10 : Team (3 to score): 5 Cirencester AC 58pts
U11 Boys
1 Henry Sheffield (CAC) 9.19, 12 Tom Williams 10.41,21 Zac Humphries 11.01
Team (3 to score): 2 Cirencester AC 34pts
U15 Boys
3 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 16.2, 13 Luke Buck 17.20,18 Archie Sheffield 18.01
22 Sam Cook 18.39, 27 Tom Prosser 19.14, 42 George Masser 23.31
Team (3 to score): 3 Cirencester AC 34pts, 8 Cirencester AC 'B' 91pts

It was great to see Jill Hadland returning to XC but she had to run hard in tough conditions to lead the Ladies ‘A’ team with Kate Sackett and Liz Thomas to finish in 19th place. Other welcome returners included Kate Fitton and Lisa Carpenter who, together with Club Captain Pam Wheeler, formed the ‘B’ team finishing in 32nd place.

1 Katrine Svane (Team Bath AC) 26.48,
56 Jill Hadland (Cirencester AC) 32.53, 68 Kate Sackett 33.23, 107 Liz Thomas 36.19, 112 Kate Fitton 36.39, 129 Lisa Carpenter 37.43, 162 Pam Wheeler 42.02,
174 Helen Manners 46.18,181 Nina Lawrence 49.01 184 finished, Teams (3 to score):
1 Team Bath AC 12pts, 19 Cirencester AC 231pts, 32 Cirencester AC 'B', 39 closed in
The men’s team need six runners to score and Dave Bell’s solid second place enabled them to hold onto fifth place in the league.
1 Ben Price (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 34.53
2 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 35.18, 23 James Thomas 38.07,35 Ian Barrett 38.46
58 Howard Ewan 40.56, 61 Simon Campbell 41.03, 90 Martin Croucher 42.57
182 Dorian Matts 52.50 202 finished Teams (6 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 43pts, 5 Cirencester AC 269pts, 18 closed in

Wickstead Wander, Highworth, 5 miles multi-terrain
Ian Porter and Barbara Thomas managed to find a local multi terrain race both competing in the Wickstead Wander near Highworth on Sunday.

1 Ed Knudsen (Avon Valley Runners) 31.27
64 Iain Porter (Cirencester AC) 47.37
126 Barbara Thomas 1.03.51 173 finished.

Calne Clock Challenge, 5km road
Last week, just two days before graduating to an older age group Ruth Fulford went to Calne intent on attacking her own FV65 club record for 5kms on road. As a result she knocked 86 seconds from the record and now, officially 70, clearly has no intention of slowing down.
1 Jamie Parkinson (Thames Hare & Hounds) 15.10
54 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 28.37 - 1st FV65, club FV65 record 117 finished.

Parkruns, 5km trail

This week Ollie Pritchard won another parkrun, slowing slightly at Skipton. Without last week’s fancy dress, Isaac MacAdam was second at Swindon and Jacob fifth in Slough. Also in Swindon, Steve Yates was sixth.

Cirencester AC finishers:
Swindon: 2 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.45, 6 Steve Yates 19.13, 115 Gordon Jones 24.20,
132 Alan McAdam 24.57, 183 Barbara Thomas 27.13, 454 finished
Cheltenham: 218 Ruth Fulford 29.23, 316 Robin Lloyd 34.24, 361 finished
Black Park, Slough: 5 Jacob McAdam 17.41, 506 finished
Skipton: 1 Oliver Pritchard 17.45, 179 finished

Standard Article 31st October 2017

Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club

Robbie Brown has won this year’s Men’s Club Road Running Championship making a fitting end to his season of great running.  Robbie lost just 5 out of a possible 120 points having been 1st or 2nd in five out of the six scoring local races.  With only one point fewer and another set of fine results, veteran Kate Sackett won the Ladies Championship. 

Howard Ewan was the 2nd man with Dave Bell, super veteran Gordon Jones and veteran Adrian Williams not so far behind.  Things were even closer for the women with Rachel Ranger a well earned 2nd beating 3rd placed Karen Higuera by a mere 2 points.

The same 66 club members were eligible for our second Club Championship which is designed to encourage more race participation and recognize improvement.  But as one member is not able to win both championships Robbie gave way to Howard Ewan however Rachel Ranger was outright winner in the Ladies Championship.  Karen Higuera was again a close second and Barbara Thomas’ dedication to running 100 races every year was rewarded with a hard earned 3rd place.

Tom Purnell finished the demanding and hilly Snowdonia marathon in an impressive 3.35.36.

Snowdonia Marathon, 26.2 miles road

1 Daniel Jones (Team Bath AC) 2.36.54 (chip time 2.36.54)
200 Tom Purnell (Cirencester AC) 3.35.50 (3.35.36)
2220 finished.  

Another good run from Nick Holliday brought him over the line of the Calne Clock Challenge as first V60 when he finished the 10k in 42.23. Caroline Cotterell and Paul Timms were some five and six minutes behind .

Calne Clock Challenge, 10km road

1 Patrick Martin (Stockport Harriers) 30.55
51 Nick Holliday (Cirencester AC) 42.23 - 1st V60
107 Caroline Cotterell 47.10
117 Paul Timms 48.05
206 Barbara Thomas 56.
220 Samantha Timms 57.00
331 finished.  

Parkruns, 5km trail

RAU student Ollie Pritchard ran a PB at Swindon to finish first.  Issac and Jacob McAdam were not far behind in 3rd and 4th places despite running in fancy dress.  They, together with Ollie and Luke Campbell, chose a swimming theme which enabled Issac and Jacob to run bare chested but made Ollie run with arm bands and Luke (who was just beaten by Martin Croucher) with a rubber ring and snorkel.  Elsewhere Kate Sackett found time to run in Hull, the current city of culture and James and Liz Thomas ran on their Cornish holiday.

Cirencester AC finishers:
1 Oliver Pritchard 17.17, 3 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.37, 4 Jacob McAdam 18.00, 7 Ollie Campbell (J) 19.01,
10 Martin Croucher 19.20, 12 Luke Campbell 19.50, 37 David Moss 21.40, 56 Sam Cook (J) 22.18,
125 Alan McAdam 24.49, 193 Barbara Thomas 27.00, 249 Rachel Jones 28.29, 545 finished
Hull: 48 Kate Sackett 22.05, 438 finished
Lanhydrock, Bodmin: 2 James Thomas 18.58, 71 Liz Thomas 26.59, 237 finished

Standard Article 22nd October 2017

Stroud ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road


Dave Bell came second in the Stroud Half Marathon.  Having led for most of the race he found himself unable to respond to as the Wells City Runner pushed on past in with little more than a mile to go.   This, despite Dave managing to cut four seconds from his last year’s winning time.  Others to shine in the blustery wind were Bill Leggate finishing 12th and Sophie Chudley 4th lady.  James Widdowson (preparing for a running festival in Cyprus) Tim Ingham and Karen Higuera all completed in under their100 minute target.  Karen continued her successful streak by taking over three minutes from the Club FV50-55 record despite a recent, very painful, dog bite.  Minutes behind Kate Sackett and Trudy Compton also showed that quality runners will bounce back.  Rachel Ranger and Rupert Chesmore crossed the line together, teamwork helping Rachel to achieve yet another PB for this season. 


1 Philip Bridge (Wells City Harriers) chip time 1.09.41
2 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 1.10.03
12 Bill Leggate 1.17.38 - 3rd V40
60 Sophie Chudley 1.25.38 - 4th lady / 2nd FV40
324 James Widdowson 1.39.05
328 Tim Ingham 1.39.12
342 Karen Higuera 1.39.44 - club FV50 record
481 Kate Sackett 1.45.57
486 Trudy Compton 1.46.11
562 Rachel Ranger 1.49.12
567 Rupert Chesmore 1.49.00
952 Liza Darroch 2.01.14
1158 Barbara Thomas 2.14.09    1462 finished.  


Abingdon Marathon, 26.2 miles road

 After many months of hard training Howard Ewan completed the first 16 miles of the Abingdon Marathon well within the planned three hour target but eating a gel precipitated severe stomach issues slowing him to 12 minutes over.

1 Tom Charles (Trafford AC) chip time 2.29.29
188 Howard Ewan (Cirencester AC) 3.12.20       751 finished.  

Great South Run, Portsmouth, 10 miles road

1 Chris Thompson (Aldershot Farnham & District) 48.32
1008 Nick Holliday (Cirencester AC) 1.12.56
1568 Terry Ranger 1.16.06
3049 Caroline Cotterell 1.21.54
10376 Kerrie Wallis 1.44.26      x finished. 

Parkruns 5km trail

Cirencester AC finishers included young Juniors Millie (9) and Izzie(7) Chudley:
3 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.45, 45 Simon Campbell 22.31, 85 David Moss 24.10, 125 Alan McAdam 25.32, 168 Millie Chudley (J) 27.02, 169 Sophie Chudley 27.03, 185 Barbara Thomas 27.23, 401 Izzie Chudley (J) 42.57, 423 finished
Black Park, Slough: 3 Jacob McAdam 18.00, 535 finished


Standard Article 17th October 2017

Amsterdam Marathon, Holland, 26.2 miles road

Robbie Brown stormed round the Amsterdam Marathon producing his run of the year to finish way under his target time in a very satisfying 2 .48.52. Finishing well within the top two hundred in such a fast and prestigious marathon hints at what a new job allowing a regime of regular training should enable him to achieve.  

1 Lawrence Cherono (Kenya) 2.05.09
187 Robbie Brown (Cirencester AC) 2.48.52    11390 finished.  

Gloucestershire XC League (1 of 4), Blackbridge, Gloucester

Our Juniors started the new cross country season with some fine runs on a flat and friendly course near Gloucester.  In their respective age groups, Henry Sheffield was first, Ollie Campbell sixth (despite being at the young end of the U17 age group) and Luke Buck seventh.  Only the U15 boys had the requisite three to score enabling Luke, Sam Cook and Tom Prosser to bring Cirencester home in third place.

U11 Girls
16 Emily Swaine (Cirencester AC) 12.00
U11 Boys
1 Henry Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 9.25
11 Zac Humphries 10.27
U15 Boys
7 Luke Buck (Cirencester AC) 15.06
14 Sam Cook 16.48
16 Tom Prosser 17.08
Team (3 to score): 3 Cirencester AC 37pts
U17 Boys
6 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 22.54


The women’s team of three was led round by Kate Sackett (returning to running after nearly a month of illness), to finish 27th out of 39 teams.

1 Hilary Mott (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 22.34
92 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 29.16
102 Liz Thomas 29.57
104 Caroline Buck 30.03      173 finished                    

Teams (3 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 14pts, 27 Cirencester AC 298pts, 39 closed in


The men also just managed to produce a team (six to score) and with four in the top 35 they start the season 5th  out of 21 teams.

1 Will Ferguson (CLC Striders) 28.39
16 Bill Leggate (Cirencester AC) 30.38 - 1st V40
22 Oliver Pritchard 31.00
28 James Thomas 31.23
34 Ian Barrett 31.48 - 2nd V45
65 Tom Purnell 33.45
184 Dorian Matts 42.09
205 finished

Teams (6 to score):
1 Cheltenham & County Harriers 72pts, 5 Cirencester AC 349pts, 21 closed in

Birmingham ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road

 Nick Wall finished the Birmingham half marathon, one of the big city races in the first third, crossing the line in just under two hours.

1 William Richardson (Birchfield Harriers) 1.06.38
2710 Nick Wall (Cirencester AC) 1.59.14
8878 finished.  

Grittleton 10km, nr Chippenham, 10km road

Alan Tompson and Barbara Thomas stayed nearer home for the Grittleton 10k.

1 Aaron Wilson (City of Salisbury AC) 33.31
108 Alan Tompson (Cirencester AC) 45.41
306 Barbara Thomas 58.13
352 finished.  

Parkruns, 5km trail

Cirencester AC finishers:
2 Isaac McAdam 17.20, 28 Nick Holliday 20.53, 77 Caroline Cotterell 23.00, 104 David Moss 24.10, 122 Alan McAdam 24.28, 200 Barbara Thomas 26.45, 520 finished
Chippenham: 26 Ollie Campbell 23.10, 173 finished
Black Park, Slough: 49 Jacob McAdam 22.36, 561 finished
Keswick: 67 Kate Fitton 25.00, 187 finished

Standard Article 10th October 2017

 Bournemouth Marathon, 26.2 miles road

One week after her birthday, Yvonne Binks set an inaugural age group club record in the Bournemouth marathon proving that with will power and regular training there is competitive running post illness.  She was supported over the months and on the day by Dick Waldron who, an age group older, finished minutes behind her.

1 Jacek Cieluszecki (Bournemouth AC / Poland) 2.31.59
1892 Yvonne Binks (Cirencester AC) 5.36.42 - 2nd FV70, inaugural club FV70 record
1906 Dick Waldron 5.39.06   2034 finished.  

Badminton Horseless 5 miles trail

Fourteen year old Ollie Campbell led a small field in the Badminton Horseless 5 mile event crossing the line as first runner and first Junior.

1 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 33.20
13 finished.  (full results not available)  

Badminton Horseless ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles trail

Ionel Iancu finished fifth in an only slightly more popular and even tougher Horseless Half Marathon. He even had time to appreciate the fine scenery despite having to jump over obstacles, run over soft grass and through water and mud.

1 Jamie Cooper (unattached) 1.17.28
5 Ionel Iancu (Cirencester AC) 1.43.35
16 finished.  

Oxford ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road

Veteran Adrian Williams used the flat roads of Oxford to average under six minutes per mile and reduce his half marathon time back to nearer 2015 levels when finishing an impressive 28th   in a very large and competitive field.

1 Joe Morwood (Aldershot Farnham & District) 1.07.52
28 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC) 1.16.46
8313 finished.

Chester Marathon, 26.2 miles road

Further north, Liza Darroch tackled the Chester marathon, a UKA championship event where despite slowing over the last 10k she managed to move up steadily up the large field.       

1 Lloyd Biddell (Mercia Fell Runners) 2.26.13
1739 Liza Darroch (Cirencester AC) 4.24.32 - 3rd FV65  2644 finished. 

Burnham on Sea Winter road Race 5k series  5 k road

Ruth Fulford joined elite runners to run 5 k in Burnham on Sea and, despite struggling with the coastal winds, managed to knock 31 seconds off her own club age group record.

1 Charlie Own (unaffiliated) 18.06

55 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester A C)  29.32 2nd FV60  and Club LV65 record


Partners Nick Holliday and Caroline Cotterell set the standards with two age group wins at Worcester.  The day before winning at Badminton, Ollie Campbell was 10th at Chippenham where older brother Luke was 2nd.  Isaac McAdam was also 2nd but at Swindon and Jacob took it easy in Slough.

Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun, 5km trail

1 Toby Whitfield (Black Pear Joggers) 16.54
18 Nick Holliday (Cirencester AC) 20.08 - 1st V60
35 Caroline Cotterell 22.14 - 1st FV45   186 finished.  

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 James Allen (unattached) 17.40
2 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.59
10 Ollie Campbell 20.23   160 finished. 

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Simon Nott (Calne RC) 15.59
2 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 17.31 - 1st junior
107 Alan McAdam 24.37
161 Barbara Thomas 26.21
207 David Moss 27.50   505 finished.

Black Park parkrun, Slough, 5km trail

1 Tony Jackson (Hillingdon Tri) 17.32
66 Jacob McAdam (Cirencester AC) 22.34    293 finished

Cheltenham parkrun, Slough, 5km trail

1 Thomas Couch (unattached) 18.05
311 Michael Thomas (Cirencester AC) 30.06  505 finished.  

Standard Article 3rd October 2017

Cricklade 10km, road

Jo Musk consolidated her return to competitive running by finishing as first lady and 11th  overall in the Cricklade 10k.  Gordon Jones finished in 33rd place winning one of four age group places for the club.

1 Simon Fisher (Oxford City AC) 34.42
11 Jo Musk (Cirencester AC) 40.15 - 1st lady / FV35
33 Gordon Jones 45.53 - 2nd V60
35 Alan Tompson 46.14
67 Rachel Ranger 50.42 - 3rd FV40
104 Barbara Thomas 55.38 - 3rd FV60    253 finished

Cricklade ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road

Simon Campbell also finished 11th but in the Half Marathon at Cricklade to be followed by Neil Corbiere and Peter Nunn.  Karen Higuera demonstrated the value of considerably increased training mileage by taking some 26 seconds from the club FV50 record and knocking a cool 7 minutes from her PB in the process.


1 Marcus England (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 1.14.53
11 Simon Campbell (Cirencester AC) 1.24.37
21 Neil Corbiere 1.27.59
38 Peter Nunn 1.32.10
87 Karen Higuera 1.42.54 - 3rd FV50, club FV50 record
178 Rose Pendle 1.58.03   323 finished.  

Bowood House Sprint Duathlon, 5km run, 21km bike, 5km run

Veteran status did not prevent Adrian Williams from winning the Bowood House Sprint Duathlon where he only slowed slightly for the second of his two 5 km runs.

1 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (17.16; 44.05; 17.45) 1.20.06
115 finished.  

Yorkley Gallop, Forest of Dean, 6 miles multi-terrain

 Club captains James and Liz Thomas found their favourite running conditions squelching through six miles of mud in the Forest of Dean with James finishing only thirty seconds behind the winner.

1 Marcus Bennetto (Forest of Dean AC) 40.21
2 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 40.53
28 Liz Thomas 1.00.06
55 finished. 

1 October 2017, Cheltenham ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road

Sophie Chudley led a small contingent round one of this year’s most popular local races finishing in 1.26 and 2nd in her FV 40 age group.  Cheltenham Half Marathon managed to avoid most of last year’s organisational disasters but the twists and turns of its town centre route make the winning time of 1.10.33 impressive.   Tim Ingham had more foot problems but was pleased with his time and Mike Credicott came in in under two hours.   Far behind, Liza Darroch combined pre marathon preparation with a gentle run supporting charity running friends.

1 Ben Price (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 1.10.33
59 Sophie Chudley (Cirencester AC) 1.26.34 (chip time 1.26.29) - 2nd FV40
545 Tim Ingham 1.45.17 (1.45.03)
1270 Mike Credicott 1.59.59 (1.56.40)
2934 Liza Darroch 2.49.28 (2.43.22) - 3rd FV65
3094 finished. 

Two of last week end’s races missed our early deadline

Forest of Dean Autumn Trails ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles trail

Steve Yates finished 8th (and first V50) in the Forest of Dean Autumn Trails Half Marathon, Tom Purnell was 33rd and Ionel 97th.

1 Richard Purkis (N Glos Orienteering Club) 1.17.57
8 Steve Yates (Cirencester AC) 1.25.54 - 1st V50
33 Tom Purnell 1.32.08
97 Ionel Iancu 1.40.08   744 finished.  

 Berlin Marathon, Germany, 26.2 miles road

The Berlin marathon lived up to its reputation as a fast course enabling Martin Croucher, Jill Hadland and Ivan Quinlan to all set new PB’s.  Martin settled with the pace maker for his 3.15 target time but ended up having to sprint for the line to achieve it with only 45 seconds to spare. Jill took minutes from her PB and Ivan was thrilled to achieve sub 4 hours.  While David Moss, who has been struggling with illness for sometime was just pleased to get over the finish line.

1 Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2.03.32
3527 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 3.16.36 (chip time 3.14.15)
5981 Jill Hadland 3.30.30 (3.26.43)
16936 Ivan Quinlan 4.17.09 (3.59.19)
25522 David Moss 4.44.15 (4.26.25)   39106 finished.


Isaac McAdam had to settle for second place at Swindon while older brother Jacob, now back at college, was fifth in Slough.

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Liam Wilson (unattached) 16.48
2 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 17.21
100 Alan McAdam 24.29
138 David Moss 26.09
155 Barbara Thomas 26.42    443 finished.  

Black Park parkrun, Slough, 5km trail

1 James Laing (Hillingdon AC) 16.26
5 Jacob McAdam (Cirencester AC) 18.14   514 finished.