Standard Article 21st August 2016

Cotswold Classic Triathlon,1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

Trudy Compton  (6.14.10) was the only member brave enough to take on the Cotswold Classic Triathon in the Water Park and it is great to see her feeling fit enough to do a Half Ironman. The early morning swim (39.41) in an icy lake led to “frozen” cycle ride (3.20.45) in strong wind but finishing without a puncture was enough to spur Trudy into a strong and warming run (2.02.59) although, like all true competitors, she was disappointed in her time.

1 James Travers (no club) (25.27; 2.13.27; 1.24.37) 4.06.31 
458 Trudy Compton (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (39.41; 3.20.45; 2.02.59) 6.14.10   609 finished.  


Colin Tapley and Clare Blampied were persuaded to have a go at fell running at the Gargrave Show in Yorkshire.  Official results are yet to be published but we understand that lead coach Colin (42nd) was gallant to the end and allowed Claire (41st) to cross the finishing line first.  The 274m climb was made worse by a deluge of returning runners flying down past them.  Their time of around 45 minutes for 3.5 miles was possibly not their best but they did find time to admire the view and pose for a photo on the top of the hill so demonstrating that joining a running club can bring romance as well as better race times. (42 finished)



Club members have been travelling to parkruns with Ian Barrett (17.57) in Oxford and Helen Manners (31.05) in Yeovil as well as the more usual Ruth Fulford (28.05 and 1st FV65) and Robin Lloyd (30.22) in Cheltenham and David Moss (23.18) and Barbara Thomas (26.48) in Swindon.


Anyone thinking of trying a parkrun for the first time might like to ponder the fact that while Mo Farah completed a similar distance in 13.03.30 at Rio (albeit on a track), Barbara Thomas (who will be the first to admit she is a “steady” runner rather than speed merchant) was more than halfway up the field at Swindon with a time of 26.48.  Runners, joggers and walkers of all ages and abilities are welcome at parkruns but those wanting to do a bit of preparation could consider joining our next Beginner’s Group which is due to start on September 20th.  For more details visit the club web site: .


Oxford parkrun, 5km trail

1 Tegid Jones (Oxford City AC) 16.43
7 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC) 17.57,   258 finished.  

Yeovil Montacute parkrun, 5km trail

 1 Liam Marsh (Blyth RC) 18.38
178 Helen Manners (Cirencester AC) 31.05,  269 finished.  

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Alex Lee (Cheltenham Harriers) 16.59
225 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 28.05 - 1st FV65
276 Robin Lloyd 30.22,  391 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Daniel Giles (Loughborough Students AC) 17.27
90 David Moss (Cirencester AC) 23.18
197 Barbara Thomas 26.48,  438 finished.

Standard Article 9th August 2016

Castle Combe Midweek Duathlon, 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run


Ian Barrett went back to Castle Combe for a second mid week duathlon but his total time of 50.57 and 11th place were disappointing when compared to his impressive second place in June , with slightly faster run not making up for a poor bike.


1 Jonathan Barnes (Cheltenham Harriers) (10.26; 22.18; 11.03) 45.08 
11 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (11.09; 26.20; 11.25) 50.07
92 finished

Westonbirt House 10km, road


Adrian Williams’ time of 35.50 time gave him third place and a good age group win in a well attended Westonbirt House 10k.   This unusual course included two  laps around the lanes of  Westonbirt,  “wierd” garden features and a unique finish up a flight of steps and so was not one likely to yield fast times.

There were three other age group successes for Gordon Jones (46.01) and Joyce Matthews (46.09) who was hot on his heels followed later by Barbara Thomas (57.43).  It was also good to see Chris Goldie back in competitive form albeit not at his best.


1 Garry Hughes (Stroud & District AC) 34.45 
3 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC) 35.50 - 1st V40
57 Gordon Jones 46.01 - 2nd V60
59 Joyce Matthews 46.09 - 1st FV40
65 Ivan Quinlan 46.43
91 Tim Ingham 48.57
155 Lisa Stevens 53.07
213 Barbara Thomas 57.43 - 3rd FV60
252 Rachel Jones 59.43
348 Chris Goldie 1.05.37
422 finished


Cranham Boundary Race  4.2 miles Trail


In the absence of any official results we can only tell you that Martin Croucher (who finished in the top ten) and Barbara Thomas (in her third race of the weekend) endured the  several steep hills of this very challenging off road course on an uncomfortably hot Saturday afternoon.







A buggy free, Simon Campbell ran a good Swindon parkrun to finish second in 17.50.  The Buck family were out in force with an age group win for Caroline (24.52) and Barbara Thomas (27.46) who completed her 200th parkrun – mostly with her dog Patch.  Ruth Fulford (28.00) and Robin Lloyd (30.49) were in Cheltenham.


Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Daniel Miles (Taunton AC) 17.41
2 Simon Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.50
23 Luke Buck 20.54
132 Caroline Buck 24.52 - 1st FV50
151 David Moss 25.43
208 Barbara Thomas 27.46
409 finished.  


Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail


1 Pete Duffy (unattached) 17.22
234 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 28.00 - 1st FV65
293 Robin Lloyd 30.49
438 finished.   

Standard Article 3rd August 2016

Bacon Run, Sarasota, Florida, USA, 4 miles trail

Dave Bell was in winning form again – this time in the Bacon Run in Florida where he thinks he set a new course record coming in three minutes clear in an early morning run round the boundary of a golf course in 30 degree heat.

1 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 21.53
103 finished.  

 Aztec 5km, Bristol, 5km road
James Widdowson  was back running the next of the  high quality Aztec 5 km series and managed to knock 11 seconds off his June time.

 1 David Bishop (Bristol & West AC) 14.45 - course record
121 James Widdowson (Cirencester AC) 22.19
153 finished.  

 Blaisdon 10km, Forest of Dean, 10km road
The hard core veterans went to the Forest of Dean in search of medals in the country road championships. Although this could not include Wiltshire resident Tony Shelbourn’s excellent run (43.04).  Tony managed a negative split on this demanding course which involves a long climb out and equally long cruise back down to be only seven minutes behind the winner –(ex club member) Mike Smith (36.43).  There was a gold medal in the LV65 group for Ruth Fulford (58.36) who came in not far behind Barbara Thomas (57.42). 

1 Mike Smith (Bourton Road Runners) 36.43
20 Tony Shelbourn (Cirencester AC) 43.04 - 1st V70
96 Barbara Thomas 57.42
101 Ruth Fulford 58.36 - 1st FV65
132 finished.

 Shakespeare 10km, Long Marston Airfield, 10km road
Ionel Iancu’s time (41.57) earned him a 14th place but not a PB in the more level Shakespeare 10k . 

1 Michael Wilesmith (Guernsey AC) 32.59
14 Ionel Iancu (Cirencester AC) 41.57 - 2nd V45

120 finished.  



Age group wins for Gordon and Rachel Jones in Richmond, while Luke Campbell went back to Stonehouse for a gentle workout.  Ruth Fulford and Barbara Thomas secured their usual age group wins in Cheltenham and Swindon respectively and good to see Howard Ewan running so well again after a fine but incomplete Race to the Stones two weeks ago,

Richmond parkrun, 5km trail

1 Simon Barrett (Serpentine RC) 16.27
38 Gordon Jones (Cirencester AC) 22.03 - 1st V65
134 Rachel Jones 27.20 - 1st FV55
263 finished

 Stonehouse parkrun, nr Stroud, 5km trail

1 Lee Stopford (Stroud & District AC) 17.52
27 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 24.02
117 finished.  

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Phil Beastall (Cheltenham Harriers) 16.41
218 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 27.44 - 1st FV65
429 finished.  

31 July 2016, Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 William McKemey (Sparkhill Harriers) 17.44
5 Howard Ewan (Cirencester AC) 18.32
192 Barbara Thomas 27.05 - 1st FV60
415 finished.  

Standard Article 26th July 2016

Sizzler Yacht Handicap, Kings Stanley, nr Stroud, 10km multi-terrain
n a very uneventful week, James Widdowson and Simon Campbell both enjoyed a hilly handicapped race last weekend. 

1 James Steel (unattached) 59.45 (actual time 45.31)
19 James Widdowson (Cirencester AC) 1.11.36 (50.23)
31 Simon Campbell 1.21.13 (49.01)
35 finished.  


Luke Campbell won again at Chippenham despite being 15 seconds shy of his PB –and, of course, still a junior.  While Ian Barrett ran his first parkrun to finish second in an impressive time of 16.55 and 1st V45 at Stonehouse.

 Chippenham parkrun, 5km t  rail

1 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.58
319 finished.  

Stonehouse parkrun, nr Stroud, 5km trail

1 Ben Goddard (unattached) 16.14
2 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC) 16.55 - 1st V45
157 finished.  


Standard Article 19th July 2016

Race to the Stones, Lewknor to Avebury, 100km trail 

Rob Forbes wins again, this time in one of the nation’s most popular and prestigious trail races.  The Race for the Stones follows the Ridgeway starting at Lewknor and finishing within the Avebury Stones,  sixty two and half  undulating miles later. Rob raced to the finish over 6 minutes ahead of the second runner having averaged a speed of around 7.5 minutes per mile for over 8 hours.  (The 3rd man came in another 10 minutes later) In doing so he knocked a cool one minute off the course record and reaped his revenge for coming second on his last attempt in 2014.  Those who know him will not be surprised to hear that Rob still thinks he could have done better and continues to worry about his lack of training – the rest of us can only applaud in awe and amazement.

 1 Rob Forbes (Cirencester AC) 8.19.17
956 finished. 


Bourton-on-the-Water Mile, 1 mile road  

 On the same day, but at the other end of the scale, eight members tackled the Bourton one mile race and the oldies scored the usual clutch of age group successes.  Most notable was veteran Gordon Jones who completed the mile in 5.50 and continues to improve much to his surprise.  A good time too for 13 year old Luke Buck (5.20), while Adrian Williams (4.51) came in 7th overall with a very impressive time for a man in the middle of serious marathon training.


1 David Bishop (Bristol & West AC) 4.15
7 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC) 4.51 - 2nd V40
18 Luke Buck 5.20
36 Gordon Jones 5.50 - 1st V65
54 Tony Shelbourn 6.10 - 1st V70
80 Rupert Chesmore 6.43
102 Lisa Carpenter 7.31
104 Barbara Thomas 7.33 - 2nd FV60
119 Ruth Fulford 8.09 - 2nd FV65
152 finished.  


 14 July 2016, Thornbury 10km, road 

Earlier in the week Ruth Fulford  (57.52) ran the Thornbury 10k to score an age group second.


1 Ciaran McQuade (Bristol & West AC) 35.11
167 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 57.52 - 2nd FV65
291 finished.  



 Our ladies continue shine with lady’s firsts for Jenny Manners (18.18.) in Nottingham and Wendy Nicholls (19.43) in Swindon.  Other age group wins for Luke Campbell, Robin Lloyd and Barbara Thomas.

 Rushcliffe parkrun, Nottingham, 5km trail

1 Oliver Matharu (unattached) 17.51
5 Jenny Manners (Cirencester AC) 18.18 - 1st lady
362 finished. 

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Alex Lee (Cheltenham Harriers) 16.31
252 Robin Lloyd (Cirencester AC) 29.27 - 1st V70
420 finished. 


Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Ben Cole (Tonbridge AC)) 16.16
3 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.56 - 1st Junior
14 Wendy Nicholls 19.43 - 1st lady / FV45
34 Ionel Iancu 21.26
189 Barbara Thomas 26.41 - 1st FV60
457 finished.  


Standard Article 12th July 2016


Evesham Vale 10km, road

Dave Bell won the Evesham 10k for the third time in four years coming in over two minutes clear of the next runner.  His time of 33.42 was slightly slower than the course record of 32.58 which Dave set in 2014.  This difficult and twisty course is never likely to produce a PB but it is good to see Dave achieving his aims of staying competitive for shorter race distances while enjoying his running and his growing family.  Barbara Thomas’ time of 57.42 also indicates this is not an easy 10k course and anyone seeking another such challenge should look at the Club’s Autumn 10k to be run in Cirencester Park on September 25th on our web site, 

 1 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 33.42
224 Barbara Thomas 57.24
381 finished.  

Upton-on-Severn Standard Triathlon, 1,500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Trudy Compton returned to triathlons after more than a year of foot problems which would have deterred all but the most dedicated, finishing a ‘standard’ tri in seconds over three hours. 

1 Richard Shephard (Stratford AC) (20.09; 1.02.57; 35.32) 2.01.11 
149 Trudy Compton (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (26.53; 1.33.56; 52.48) 3.00.06
211 finished.  

Upton-on-Severn Sprint Triathlon, 750m swim, 21.5km bike, 5km run

Caroline Crawford also chose Upton on Severn to return to triathlons after producing a family. She took on the Sprint distance to finish well up the field in a total of 1.29.10

1 Jonny Rawlings (Tewkesbury Triathlon Club) (9.56; 36.01; 20.28) 1.08.40 
65 Caroline Crawford (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (12.04; 48.07; 25.21) 1.29.10
195 finished.  


In a quiet week, even members running parkruns were few and far between but Robin Lloyd and Barbara Thomas retained form with age group wins and it is always good to remember our popular and talented ex-coach Geoff Wells. Any new or returning runners wanting to tackle a parkrun or just to try running as a way to get fitter (or meet new people) should keep an eye on our web site for news of our new Beginners’ group planned to start in September.

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 George Watson (Cheltenham Harriers) 17.35
193 Robin Lloyd (Cirencester AC) 27.59 - 1st V70
308 finished. 

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Zorgnotti Benjamin (unattached) 17.23
166 Barbara Thomas (Cirencester AC) 26.46 - 1st FV60
358 David Moss 37.44
376 finished. 

 Marple parkrun, Stockport, 5km trail

1 William Griffiths (unattached) 18.37
25 Geoff Wells (Cirencester AC) 24.02
146 finished.


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Standard Article 5th July 2016

Entries are always at a premium for the Stroud AC promoted Frampton-on-Severn 10km, one of the area’s most popular races; only a handful of club members managed to secure a place in Monday evening’s event. In a field of nearly 500 runners, Ionel Iancu edged ever closer to the competitive 40 minute barrier with probably his best performance of the year, whilst regular racer Gordon Jones ran his fastest time for a number of years. Trudy Compton continued her comeback after injury and Karen Higuera maintained her improved form from 2015. Cirencester placings: 41 Ionel Iancu 40.27; 99 Gordon Jones 44.32; 160 Trudy Compton 47.08; 200 Karen Higuera 49.32. 

Tough conditions greeted runners for one of the more popular ultra-marathons, the rugged Lakeland 55km race from Ambleside in the Lake District. Battling gale force winds and at times heavy rain, Rupert Chesmore finished 177th in 8.54.05, well inside the top half of the field.

James Widdowson shaved a few seconds off his previous month’s time with 22.30 and 171st in a classy field at the Aztec 5km near Bristol. Simon Campbell with 43.20 enjoyed a steady run in the Buscot 10km held in the beautiful surroundings of Lord Faringdon’s estate.

Club results from local parkruns:
Swindon, 102 Simon Campbell 24.20; 175 Barbara Thomas (1st FV60) 26.47; 397 David Moss 38.12;
Cheltenham, 363 Robin Lloyd (1st V70) 38.33.


Standard Article 28th June 2016

Cotswold Way Relay, Chipping Campden to Bath, 10 stages, 103 miles trail

A terrific win for the club for the second year running in the Cotswold Way Relay dominated the weekend.  Close to 100 teams of seniors and veterans take part in this annual epic organised by Bath AC and our lone team battled from the start for another victory in the mixed team category.  The length of each one of the ten stages of this 103 mile epic varies and they all include steep climbs and plunges.  Towards the end Sarah and Richard both battled through torrential downpours but spirits remained high under the excellent support from Captain Simon Campbell.  Great runs from Rob and Chris who both came in second but everyone played a crucial part. The team’s total time for 13 hours 7 minutes was 5 minutes slower than last year (when our team set a mixed team course record) but 5 minutes ahead of the next mixed team. 


Stage 1: 1 Dan Robinson 1.19.08; 2 Rob Forbes 1.19.47
Stage 2: 1 Anthony Bailey1.19.57; 18 Howard Ewan  1.35.58
Stage 3: 1 Steve Millward 56.59; 29 Jill Hadland 1.11.14 - 6th lady
Stage 4: 1 Dave Roper 1.19.25; 4 Adrian Williams 1.26.46
Stage 5: 1 Lee Rankin 1.16.29; 5 James Thomas 1.20.54
Stage 6: 1 Jack Bancroft 56.26; 14 Robbie Brown 1.10.47
Stage 7: 1 Lewis Carson 54.39; 51 Kate Sackett 1.10.16 - 13th lady
Stage 8: 1 Owain Jones1.14.27; 2 Chris Illman 1.24.36
Stage 9: 1 Ross Brackley 1.00.25; 23 Sarah Gunn 1.15.56 - 3rd lady
Stage 10: 1 Luke Prior 1.04.34; 11 Richard Hurdle 1.11.32

Team results:
1 Cheltenham Harriers 11:48:37 (course record)
7 Cirencester AC 13:07:46 (1st mixed team, minimum three ladies)
97 teams closed in


Cirencester Park Summer Sizzler, 10km road

Adrian Williams(2) produced a great time to finish second in the club’s Summer sizzler, run on a lovely evening in Cirencester Park.  It was great to see a (twice)  injured Bill Leggate(4) and Simon Campbell(5) completing the hilly 10k route in under 37 minutes followed by good runs from Andy Fellows, Ionel Iancu and Kate Sackett.  It was a very successful evening all-round – a problem free event (congratulations and thanks to Race Director and Chair Pam Wheeler) ending with our Men taking the team prize and the ladies team coming 3rd.

1 Jack Turner 34.21, 2 Adrian Williams35.44 - 1st V40, 3 Ruth Barnes 35.58 - 1st lady / FV35, 4 Bill Leggate 36.02, 5 Simon Campbell 36.33, 12 Andy Fellows 38.58, 25 Ionel Iancu 42.02, 62 Kate Sackett 46.27 - 1st FV55,65 David Moss 46.42, 71 Ivan Quinlan 47.07, 7 Joyce Matthews 47.50 - 3rd FV35
133 Caroline Crawford 53.35, 159 Lisa Stevens 55.35, 166 Samantha Timms 56.37, 170 Barbara Thomas 56.56: 271 finished. 

Also at the Summer Sizzler, ina thrilling finish to the Junior 3 km race, Cirencester juniors finished 1st , 2nd and 3rd to each win their respective age categories – Luke Buck(under 16 boy), Will Morris(under 13 boy) and Henry Sheffield(under 10 boy) while Caitlin Watson(under10 girl) and Eleanor Sheffield(under 7 girl) were also first in the age groups. 

Full results are available on the club web site:

Tim Ingham determinedly ran a steady pace in two events over the week after blowing up in Tewkesbury recently.  Even so the last few miles of the seaside Swansea half marathon proved a struggle.

Swansea ½ Marathon 13.1 miles road

1 Dewi Griffiths1.05.38, 859 Tim Ingham1.46.12: 4276 finished.  

Chippenham Longest Day 10km, road

1 Dave Roper 32.47, 72 Tim Ingham 47.30:  298 finished.

Sherborne 10km, trail

1 David Quli (unattached) 41.18, 45 Barbara Thomas 1.02.49: 64 finished.


Results include a second PB for Claire Blampied , this time in Didcot, a slow , post triathlon run for Luke Campbell and the usual age group wins for Ruth Fulford and Barbara Thomas While Simon Campbell achieved a PB (and possibly a course record?) in the pushing a double baby buggy around the Swindon course in 20.31  – a seriously impressive effort.

Didcot 1 Michael Deering 18.22, 117Clare Blampied29.14, 118Colin Tapley29.15. 204 finished.  

Chippenham 1Tom Ashby19.26, 17Luke Campbell22.06. 132 finished.  

Cheltenham 1Gwenael Blanck18.20, 207Ruth Fulford28.24 - 1st FV65.
 281 finished. 

Swindon 1Alan Eyles18.26, 17Simon Campbell20.31, 170Barbara Thomas26.29 - 1st FV60, 383David Moss37.17. 424 finished.  


Standard Article 20th June 2016

As many Cirencester Athletics and Triathlon Club members prepared for last Monday evening's Summer Sizzler 10k in Cirencester Park (report next week) it was a quiet weekend of racing for the club.

Steve Yates had a great competition in the Brecon Middle Distance Triathlon to finish fourth overall and first in his age group.. Young Luke Campbell started with a great swim but found  the length of the bike ride and run more of a challenge. Steve completed the 1.2 mile swim in 29m56s, the 60 mile bike in 3hr1m18s and the half marathon run in 1hr37m17s to bring him home in 5hrs10m37s.

A big field of over 800 athletes descended on the Cotswold Water Park for the Cotswold 113 Half Ironman Triathlon over the same distance. Andy Fellows upheld Cirencester honours to finish 162nd in just over five hours with a swim in 37m08s, bike 2hr42m45s and run 1m36m06s. Steve Boughton finished in a creditable position an hour behind Andy.

 The local parkruns saw a smaller representation from the club than usual but both Barbara Thomas and relative newcomer Denise Ewbank won their age categories. Barbara finished 188th out of 454 at Swindon in 26m36s while Denise was only slightly slower in 27m12s to finish 205th out of 408 at Cheltenham, so there could be some close battles between them in the FV60 age category in future 5k parkruns. Colin Tapley made a return to racing after breaking his ankle to run with Claire Blampied to record 29m45s at Swindon.

Standard Article 14th June 2016

Yeovil Marathon, 26.2 miles road

Rob Forbes(2.41.28) is back to his winning form this time taking 6 minutes off the course record to win the second Yeovil Marathon. Rob held 4th place for the first 20 miles of this relatively flat, rural marathon only pulling ahead in miles 22-23. He was the first to admit that this was contrary to his normal style of leading at the front from the start. Some might say injury and three small children have led him to improve his tactics , others that all the stamina training provided by several off road ultras helped him to kick on in the final stages as other were starting to tire.

Naden Valley '6', Rochdale, Lancashire, 6 miles multi-terrain

Ionel Iancu has become a familiar name in our race results and this time he had fun tackling three tough events over three days. Results for the final Fell race which included 1300ft of climbing for some fabulous views are not yet available but it looks as if Ionel performs equally well on and off road

Leeds Triathlon, 1500m swim, 41.5km bike, 10km run

Terry Ranger took part in the mass Leeds triathlon held alongside part of the Elite world series. As part of a very long day, he completed the Standard (Olympic) Distance in a total of 2.38.55 and was pleased with all three elements but unhappy about his transition times and the organisation in general.

Humph's Hilly Half, Bourton-on-the-Water, 13.1 miles road

Tony Shelbourn (1.38.37) continued his winning streak to take a V70 course and club record in Humph’s Hilly Half. This evening race is deliberately designed to include several tough hills and, on the whole the winners’ and other club members’ times were down so to take 20 minutes off the club’s V70 half marathon record of 1.58.19 (set by Fred Robson in 2004) in such humid conditions is truly impressive

Aviles ITU Duathlon World Championships 

Wendy Nicholls was not competing in club colours and so not included in our official results but her F45 silver medal at the 2016 Aviles ITU Duathlon World Championships in Spain deserves a mention. Wendy led after the first run to be overtaken on the bike but we wish Wendy well in her quest for Gold in 2017.


Yet another winning run for Junior Luke Campbell at Chippenham in not quite his season’s best time together with repeated age group wins for Robin Lloyd and Barbara Thomas.