Standard Article 9th May 2017

 Trowbridge 5km, road

Dave Wright was in fast mode again at the Trowbridge 5k coming first V50 and knocking 14 seconds off yet another club record.

1 David Burton (unattached) 16.59
10 David Wright (Cirencester AC) 18.23 - 1st V50, club V60 record
233 finished

Shakespeare Marathon, Stratford-upon-Avon, 26.2 miles road

Dave Bell completed a hot Shakespeare Marathon in an efficient 2.53 to be followed an hour later by Martin Croucher who was “taking it easy”.

1 Noel Kindon (Cornwall AC) 2.46.57
6 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 2.53.02 (chip 2.53.01)
207 Martin Croucher 3.53.29 (3.52.25)
481 Rose Pendle 4.45.54 (4.39.58)  612 finished

Stroud Trails Marathon, 26.2 miles trail

 While Kate Sackett and Karen Higuera enjoyed running together for most of the hills around Stroud they completed the Trail Marathon in well under their five hour target.

1 Douglas Wight (Almost Athletes) 3.15.57
51 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 4.46.46 - 2nd FV55
55 Karen Higuera 4.48.31  x finished.  

Stroud Trails ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles trail

Sophie and Alex Chudley tackled the equally challenging half marathon where Sophie was 1st lady and first in her FV35 age group.

1 Lee Stopford (Stroud & District AC) 1.39.59
11 Alex Chudley (Cirencester AC) 1.54.29
12 Sophie Chudley 1.54.32 - 1st lady / FV35
146 Barbara Thomas 3.03.03  164 finished.  

Marlborough Downs Challenge,  33 miles trail

Howard Ewan’s steady start running with Steven James in the Marlborough Downs Challenge clearly paid off as he completed the demanding 33 mile trail run 5th in under five hours and, equally importantly without recurring injury.  Despite Steve opting to go at a friend’s pace and Andy Hindson’s lack of preparation the three would have won any team prize.  Good run from Rupert Chesmore and an age group win for Liza Darroch.

1 Edward Knudsen (Avon Valley Runners) 4.21.18
5 Howard Ewan (Cirencester AC) 4.51.25
16 Steven James 5.17.15
32 Andy Hindson 5.47.21
53 Rupert Chesmore 6.15.30
69 Liza Darroch 6.54.27 - 1st FV60   96 finished.  

Cotswold Super Sprint Triathlon, 400m swim, 20km bike, 5km run

More age group firsts for Adrian Williams and Ian Barrett in the local sprint Triathlon at the Water Park.

1 Brett Halliwell (Yonda Racing) (5.58; 28.29; 15.09) 51.03 
6 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (7.07; 28.43; 16.03) 53.58 - 1st V40
16 Ian Barrett (7.32; 29.46; 16.04) 55.46 - 1st V45
246 Bob Ferris (9.35; 35.54; 27.59) 1.15.56  370 finished.  

Castle Combe Midweek Duathlon, 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run

Earlier in the week Ian Barrett had come in 3rd to win his age group in the Castle Combe Duathlon.

1 Ben Price (Kinetic One) (9.51; 22.21; 10.16) 43.33 
3 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC & Tri Club) (10.56; 22.35; 11.12) 45.53 - 1st V45
105 finished.

Stroud Beer Race, Minchinhampton Common, 7.2 miles road

1 Robin Loftus (Stroud AC) 41.44
28 James Widdowson (Cirencester AC) 55.01  45 finished.  


Competition was hot for the twenty one club members in the club championship race at Swindon producing six PBs and the first three across the line.  A first parkrun for Robbie Brown and Rob Forbes who, together with Simon Campbell, pushed a double buggy. Another PB for Ollie Campbell in Chippenham.

 Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 16.46 PB
2 Adrian Williams 16.56 - 1st V40
3 Isaac McAdam 17.22 - 1st junior PB
10 Robbie Brown 18.37
12 Rob Forbes 18.39
14 Richard Hurdle 18.43 PB
22 Simon Campbell 19.22
35 Luke Buck 20.09
36 Ionel Iancu 20.10
37 Colin Tapley 20.11
60 David Moss 21.24
74 Alan Tompson 21.59
86 Ivan Quinlan 22.22
89 Tom Williams 22.33 PB
129 Rachel Ranger 23.37
179 Lisa Carpenter 25.30
227 Barbara Thomas 26.45 - 1st FV60
272 Rachel Jones 28.23
296 Ruth Fulford 29.04 - 1st FV65 PB
428 Nina Lawrence 33.34 PB
445 David Edelsten 34.41   544 finished.  

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Simon Nott (Calne RC) 15.22
4 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 19.09   210 finished.  

Poole parkrun, 5km trail

1 Matthew Ashton (Poole AC) 16.41
43 Peter Nunn (Cirencester AC) 19.22  892 finished.  

Standard Article 1st May 2017

Aztec 5km, Bristol, 5km road 

Knocking 30 seconds from your PB and the club age group record in a 5 km sprint is no mean feat but to do it less than four weeks after breaking similar records in the Manchester Marathon is something we have come to expect of Kate Sackett.   Kate was the only one to be surprised by this achievement in the April Aztec race – we wait to see what she can do in the last two of this nine race series.


1 Phil Beastall (Cheltenham Harriers) 14.54
107 Kate Sackett 20.43 - 1st FV55, club FV55 record
158 finished


Angels 10km, Asleworth, nr Gloucester, 10km road - (very provisional)

 Kate Sackett starred again in the Angels 10k where her age group win was also faster than those of two younger age groups.  There were fine runs too from Rachel Ranger and Barbara Thomas (still with a marathon in her legs) and Ruth Fulford. 


1 Steve Millward (Gloucester AC) 34.20
40 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 45.32 - 1st FV55
74 Rachel Ranger 50.42
117 Barbara Thomas 57.32
123 Ruth Fulford 59.01
146 finished. 


 Glastonbury Tor Race, 10km road

Dave Bell finished fifth in the competitive Glastonbury Tor 10k which follows an undulating route and finishes close to Glastonbury Abbey..

1 Dave Long (Bournemouth AC) 32.27
5 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 34.09
570 finished.  

Oldbury White Horse Triathlon, Calne, 400m swim, 20km bike, 5km run

 Terry Ranger struggled in the head wind on the bike section of the Oldbury White Horse Triathlon at Calne but was pleased to complete the event  3rd  in his age group.

1 Michael Milstead (St Marys Tri Club) (6.01; 32.51; 16.47) 57.05
69 Terry Ranger (Cirencester AC) (7.54; 39.40; 22.15) 1.12.47 - 3rd V55
252 finished

 Oldbury White Horse Children’s Triathlon, Calne  

Tri-start 2 Ages 11-12years 200m swim, 3km grass cycle, 1.5km run
Tom Williams entered the Junior triathlon at Oldbury to finish 15th  boy in his 11-12 age group.  After a slow swim Tom fought his way back with a strong cycle and a very good run.
1 Joseph Martindale (unattached) (0.26; 8.26 ;  0.4.51) 17.16


15 Tom Williams (Cirencester AC) (1.23; 9.24; 5.21) 20.56



 Members returned in greater numbers to Swindon this week.  Were they, perhaps, having a quick rehearsal for the event next Saturday when it forms part of the Club Road Race Championship?  It should be an exciting event with Adrian William (17.03), Issac McAdam(17.52), Ollie Campbell(19.10), Nick Holliday(19,27) and Simon Campbell(19.51, for once buggy free) all coming in under 20 minutes this week.  A time many more of our members are capable of.  Kate Sackett (yet again 21.37), Jon Young(21.57), Ivan Quinlan(22.11) and Lisa Carpenter(24.57) will also be pleased with their runs. 

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Alex Harris (Devizes RC) 17.00
3 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 17.52 - 1st junior
13 Nick Holliday 19.27 - 1st V55
24 Simon Campbell 19.51
60 Jon Young 21.57
67 Ivan Quinlan 22.11
163 Lisa Carpenter 24.57
239 Barbara Thomas 27.02
500 David Moss 35.24
580 finished.

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC) 17.03 - 1st V40
292 Denise Ewbank 28.02
539 finished.  

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Jamie McBrien (Corsham RC) 17.00
6 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 19.10 - 1st junior
206 finished.

Stonehouse parkrun, 5km trail

1 Alistair Campbell (Stroud & District AC) 18.23
9 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 21.37 - 1st lady / FV55
115 finished.  

Standard Article 25th April 2017

London Marathon, 26.2 miles road

Rob Forbes crossed the iconic London marathon finishing line in an impressive 211st  place demonstrating his talent running on road as well as on trails and a worthy recipient of last year’s Long Distance Runner award.   After a fast start Rob settled into consistent running to complete the 26.2 miles more than two minutes ahead of his target.  Hopefully the club record of 2.26.23, set by Mike Smith  in 2000, will provide him a target for the future.  Nick Wall’s marathon started with equally consistent running putting him well placed to achieve his sub 4 hour target but around mile 22 an old calf injury forced him to seek treatment from a physio in order to hobble and limp the last four painful miles taking real courage to come in under four and half hours.  Our two club places went to Andy Fellows who had to stay home nursing a cold and ear infection and Barbara Thomas who slowed steadily but finished with some five thousand behind her. 

 1 Daniel Wanjiru (Kenya) 2.05.49
211 Rob Forbes (Cirencester AC) 2.37.36
20438 Nick Wall 4.29.18
34129 Barbara Thomas 5.38.52
39343 finished.  

 Wonderland Caucus Run, Samphire Hoe, Kent, 37.5 miles trail

All other club members were clearly too glued to their television sets to find any other races making Sunday a one race day but on Saturday, Martin Croucher’s search for long distance training events in his build up to the 56 mile Comrades race took him to Kent where he ran a confidence building 37.5 miles in just over six hours.  Martin, looking comically over dressed in order to simulate likely African temperatures, was one of only two able to squeeze 10 laps in before the cut off time in an event where runners can choose to run any multiple of  a 3.75 mile lap.


1 Anthony Moore (unattached) 5.55.13
2 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 6.07.04
2 finished



 Ian Barrett(17.23) won an increasingly popular Stonehouse, Steve Yates(19.03) was 7th in Swindon where Rachel Ranger(23.15) , Sharon O’Keeffe(29.16) and Nina Lawrence(33.38) all set new PBs with Nina proving her training progress by knocking more than two minutes from hers.  Also at Swindon a tardy Simon Campbell(24.01) started his race with the double buggy in the car park and Dave Moss(26.33) took it easy.  The usual age group win for Ruth Fulford(28.25) trying out the Chipping Sodbury parkrun and Denise Ewbank(28.29) held her time at Cheltenham. It is worth noting that Rob’s time for the first 5k of the London Marathon(17.36) would have brought him first at both Chipping Sodbury and Cheltenham.

 Stonehouse parkrun, 5km trail

1 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC) 17.23
119 finished

 Chipping Sodbury parkrun, 5km trail

1 Sam Cotterell (unattached) 17.53
211 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 28.25 - 1st FV65
398 finished

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 George Watson (Cheltenham Harriers) 18.07
259 Denise Ewbank (Cirencester AC) 28.29
458 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Matt Raymond (Warwick University AC) 16.57
7 Steve Yates (Cirencester AC) 19.03 - 1st V45
101 Rachel Ranger 23.15
131 Simon Campbell 24.01
208 David Moss 26.33
282 Sharon O'Keeffe 29.16
401 Nina Lawrence 33.38
506 finished. 

Standard Article 18th April 2017

Yeovil 10km, road

In an impressive run at Yeovil Dave Wright (despite continued injury) knocked 40 seconds of his 10k time achieved early in the year and nipped seconds off the club’s already high quality V60 record .

1 Yared Hagos (Wallsend Harriers) 31.36
28 David Wright (Cirencester AC) 38.40 - 1st V60, club V60 record
411 finished

Carterton 5km road
Gordon Jones finished 6th and won his age group in a select Carterton 5km and good to see wife Rachel taking on the  more popular 10k.

1 Dan Blake (Oxford City) 16.03
6 Gordon Jones( Cirencester A C)  21.19  1stV65           
44 finished

 Carterton 10km, road

1 Chris Krzywiec (N Cotswold Tri & Running Club) 34.41
85 Rachel Jones (Cirencester AC) 58.12   
109 finished   



PBs for Nick Halliday(19.43), Nina Lawrence(35.10), Rachel Ranger (24,06) and Kate Sackett(21.11) at well attended parkruns up and down the nation but pride of place goes to the Sheffield brothers who both achieved PBs at Stonehouse.  Henry(19.16 and aged only 10) was first junior and set a course record for his age group as did older brother Archie(20.07) in the 11 -14 age group.  At Chippenham another younger brother – Ollie Campbell (19.16) is starting to put pressure on older brother Luke (18.02) even as Luke fights his way back to form following multiple injuries.  The number of age group wins continues to demonstrate the ‘edge’ club training and running can give. 

Workington parkrun, 5km trail

1 Nathan Gray (Ellenborough AC) 17.37
14 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 21.11 - 2nd lady / 1st FV55 
118 finished


Harrogate parkrun, 5km trail

1 Zeyna Bedru (Harrogate H & AC) 17.08
144 Rachel Ranger (Cirencester AC) 24.06  
486 finished.  


Pomphrey Hill parkrun, Bristol, 5km trail

1 Simon Cardnell (Southvill RC) 17.37
202 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 29.08 - 1st FV65  364 finished. 


Stonehouse parkrun, 5km trail

1 Alastair Campbell (Stroud & District AC) 17.27
7 Henry Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 19.16 - 1st junior
9 Archie Sheffield 20.07  103 finished.  


 Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 David Withers (Southvill RC) 18.00
2 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 18.02
11 Ollie Campbell 19.16  237 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Dan Green (Swindon Harriers) 17.27
14 Simon Campbell (Cirencester AC) 19.23
18 Nick Holliday 19.43 - 1st V55
82 Caroline Cotterell 22.54 - 1st FV45
171 Barbara Thomas 26.43
443 Nina Lawrence 35.10    505 finished. 

Standard Article 11th April 2017

Chedworth Roman Trail, 10 miles multi-terrain

Holly Tugwell and James Thomas led the Ladies and the Men’s teams to an exciting double victory at our own Chedworth Roman Trail.  Twenty one club members raced and another 50 or so members and their families worked to make the day an outstanding success.  In full sun, the going was firm and dry enabling James, Adrian Williams and Bill Leggate to finish in the top five with Robbie Brown not far behind.  Holly (1st lady and 1st FV35) was supported by Sophie Chudley and Trudy Compton.  Impressive performances too from Ionel Iancu and Lara Tompson who had both run twenty long miles at Compton the day before.

 1 Jack Turner (Stroud & District AC) 1.03.15
2 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 1.04.24
4 Adrian Williams 1.05.15 - 1st V40
5 Bill Leggate 1.06.07 - 2nd V40
12 Robbie Brown 1.09.59
21 Holly Tugwell 1.12.37 - 1st lady / FV35
37 Neil Corbiere 1.16.31
42 Sophie Chudley 1.16.57 - 6th lady / 2nd FV35
71 Keith Firkin 1.21.35
75 Alex Chudley 1.22.32
82 Ionel Iancu 1.23.18
94 Andy Hindson 1.25.01
142 Trudy Compton 1.30.07
159 Ivan Quinlan 1.31.52
172 Dorian Matts 1.33.15
185 Eloisa Townsend 1.34.12
186 Liz Thomas 1.34.12
187 David Moss 1.34.13
236 Rebecca Collier 1.39.09
257 Lesley Hinsley 1.41.44
278 Lara Tompson 1.43.36
319 Chris Goldie 1.47.42
428 finished.  


Devizes ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road 

Barbara Thomas and Rachel Barrow opted for road, running Half Marathons near Devizes and Grove in Oxfordshire.


1 Michael Towler (Avon Valley Runners) 1.16.45 (chip time 1.16.44)
416 Barbara Thomas (Cirencester AC) 2.23.33 (2.22.55)    522 finished.  


White Horse ½ Marathon, Grove, Oxon., 13.1 miles road

1 James Bolton (Woodstock Harriers) 1.11.30 (chip time 1.11.29)
453 Rachel Barrow (Cirencester AC) 2.26.18 (2.25.43)   498 finished.  

Compton Downland Challenge, Oxon. 20 miles trail

In Saturday, Ionel Iancu started his double race weekend completing the hilly Compton Dowland Challenge in 35th position to be closely followed by Jill Hadland with an age group first.  Martin Croucher’s training plans dictated he took the twenty miles at an “easy” pace, while Lara Tompson and Rupert Chesmore opted for conversation and Liza Darroch achieved an age group second.

 1 Tom Sawyer (Tring RC) 2.19.06
35 Ionel Iancu (Cirencester AC) 2.53.18
38 Jill Hadland 2.55.08 - 1st FV40
62 Martin Croucher 3.14.28
98 Lara Tompson 3.45.48
99 Rupert Chesmore 3.45.49
104 Liza Darroch 3.51.38 - 2nd FV60    150 finished.  

Kernow Vertical KM, St Agnes, Cornwall 15 miles trail
Richard Hurdle and Alan Thompson both clearly have far too much energy making them drive all the way to Cornwall to climb over 1000m in two figure of eight laps with another 1,000m of descent added to really trash the legs.  This on the back of  22 miles of coastal path in the Exe to Axe the previous weekend not forgetting that Alan and Lara had run the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series Sussex Ultra (34.1miles) just one week before that.

1 Jacob Dobson 1.50.07  
22 Richard Hurdle (Cirencester A C) 2.20.58
71 Alan Tompson 2.59.57           101 Finished 

Pewsey Downs Around Ultra , Pewsy, Wilts, 35 miles trail 

Steven James found another Long Distance Walkers event nearer home when running the Pewsey Downs Around Ultra completing the 35 mile course in 5.50 to come in third.


 1 Darren Hartley (unaffiliated) 5.23
3 Steven James (Cirencester A C) 5.50   around 100 finished the 35 mile route



With so many other races to choose from it was a quiet week for parkruns with Juniors Luke Buck finishing at Chippenham in fifth place and Isaac McAdam going well under 18 minutes to finish 4th and 1st Junior at Swindon where there were more age group triumphs for Gordon Jones and Caroline Cotterell.


 Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail
1 Adrian Lewis (Aberdare Valley AAC) 18.27
5 Luke Buck (Cirencester AC) 19.18   192 finished.  

 Swindon parkrun, 5km trail
1 Matt Raymond (Warwick Uni AC) 17.06
4 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 17.34 - 1st junior
32 Gordon Jones 21.04 - 1st V65
62 Caroline Cotterell 22.12 - 1st FV45
171 Barbara Thomas 26.15
377 David Moss 34.42   449 finished. 

Standard Article 3rd April 2017

 Manchester Marathon, 26.2 miles road

Manchester Marathon brought a mix of delight and heart break on Sunday.  Dave Bell started close to his target 5.50 pace and held it and a 30th position until around mile 17 when his metaphorical wheels fell off forcing him to walk and jog to the finish some 45 minutes behind his very ambitious 2.33 time target time.  Meanwhile, only eight minutes later, Kate Sackett finished the run of a lifetime as 2nd FV55 smashing yet another club record.  As we know both Kate and Dave have followed rigourous training schedules and won several other races along the way but fast marathon running makes demands that are never easy to meet on the day.

1 Patrick Martin (Stockport Harriers) 2.22.37
1131 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 3.19.14
1610 Kate Sackett 3.27.30 - 2nd FV55, club FV55 record
8676 finished.  

Dave McNamee Memorial 10km, Temple Guiting, 10km road

Jason Humm chose a lovely spring morning for the demanding Dave McNamee Memorial 10k race to finish in 41.06.  He and Barbara Thomas (57.37) were second in their age groups while Ruth Fulford came in in just over the hour.

1 Jack Turner (Stroud & District AC) 35.03
14 Jason Humm (Cirencester AC) 41.06 - 2nd V45
81 Barbara Thomas 57.37 - 2nd FV60
89 Ruth Fulford 1.00.04
116 finished

Aztec 5km, Bristol, 5km road 

Kate Sackett demonstrated her winning form the week before as the only member returning to the fast Aztec 5km series in Bristol.  Without the usual competition her slightly slower time gave her an age group first.

 1 Jarlath McKenna (Bristol &West AC) 15.13
128 Kate Sackett 21.20 - 1st FV55
173 finished.


Isaac McAdam(18.02)  just failed to dip below 18 minutes but it was enough to reclaim his usual third place and 1st junior at Swindon.  Behind him came a stream of age group wins starting with Nick Holliday(19.51) and including Gordon Jones(21.24), Caroline Cotterell(22.45) and Barbara Thomas(27.45).  A fine run too, from junior Luke Buck (20.42) whose achievement finishing 7th and 3rd junior in the Calne 5km the week before did not received the commendation it deserved.  Becky Collier(26.55) chose Swindon for her first parkrun for the club and David Moss enjoyed another gentle run.  At  Chippenham,  another of our most successful young juniors, Ollie Campbell(19.24) finished 4th and first junior.


Elsewhere, Captains James(17.58) and Liz(24.27) Thomas finished first and 3rd lady respectively in Pembrokeshire and Rachel Ranger (24.51) finished 27th in Devon.


Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Matt Raymond (Warwick Uni AC) 17.12
3 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 18.02 - 1st junior
10 Nick Holliday 19.51 - 1st V55
26 Luke Buck 20.42
36 Gordon Jones 21.24 - 1st V65
76 Caroline Cotterell 22.45 - 1st FV45
188 Becky Collier 26.55
204 Barbara Thomas 27.45 - 1st FV60
273 David Moss 30.36  427 finished.  

 Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Jamie McBrien (Corsham RC) 18.43
4 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 19.24 - 1st junior    203 finished

Colby parkrun, Pembrokeshire, 5km trail

1 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 17.58
23 Liz Thomas 24.27 - 3rd lady   93 finished.  

Seaton parkrun, Devon, 5km trail

1 Oliver Thorogood (Aberystwyth AC) 17.13
27 Rachel Ranger (Cirencester AC) 24.51    138 finished.  

Standard Article 27th March 2017


British Schools Modern Biathlon Championship   Crystal Palace Under 11’s 50m swim, 800m run

In a stellar weekend 10 year old Henry Sheffield battled his way onto the podium twice.  Saturday saw Henry coming third , beating 236 others in his Year 5 age group at the National Schools’ Cross Country Championships at Loughbrough but on Sunday he hit gold at the British Schools Modern Biathlon Championship.   Henry, already ranked first in his Under 11 age group won the championship for the second year running .  He demonstrated his potential and the value of our club junior coaching yet again by finishing the competition at Crystal Palace with an improved score of 2696.  After a tough cross country event the day before Henry was able to knock one and half seconds from his 50m swim time and over nine seconds from the 400 m run.  Older brother Archie had to swim and run a lot further to finish a satisfying 25th in the Under 13 Age Group while Sebastian Forrest came 34th in the Under 10’s.


1Henry Sheffield (Bussage CE Primary School) Under 11’s 50 m swim ( 3rd  0.31.99) and 400m run ( 5th 2.34.00)  Total point score: 2696:    112 took part

25 Archie Sheffield (Marling School) Under 13 100m swim (41.37) and 1600m run (5:44.55):   74 took part 

34  Sebastian Forrest (Wycliffe Pre-Prep & Prep School ) Under 10  Swim 50m (41.37) and  400m run (2:54.35) :    97 took part

 Calne Clock Change Challenge 10km, road
Caroline Cotterell won her FV45 age group when finishing as 3rd lady in the 10km Calne Clock Change Challenge and Barbara Thomas (who recently became a FV60) finished as second FV55.  Caroline’s partner, Nick Holliday joined a more select group running the 5km race to finish second in his V50 group.

 1 Gary Dunstone (unattached) 35.10
52 Caroline Cotterell (Cirencester AC) 46.12 - 3rd lady / 1st FV45
118 Barbara Thomas 54.57 - 2nd FV55  216 finished.  

Calne Clock Change Challenge 5km, road 

1 Simon Gilbert (Devizes RC) 17.12
7 Luke Buck (Cirencester AC) 19.15 - 3rd junior
9 Nick Holliday 19.30 - 2nd V50  51 finished.  


The Chedworth Roman Trail
ur first club event of the season, has been filling up fast, thanks to the labours of the indefatigable Dave Ed.  Anyone wanting to enjoy this challenging multi-terrain race
on 9th April must enter soonas entries close on April 2nd.  A single 10 mile lap of scenic Cotswold countryside through Stowell Park and the Coln Valley, and a water crossing and yummy cake await you.


Age group wins for David Lattimore(29.50) in a growing parkrun in Toulouse, for Kate Sackett(21.50) at Stonehouse and Junior Ollie Campbell(19.22) at Chippenham.  Swindon saw Isaac McAdam(17.58) facing unusually tough competition where, despite finishing in under 18 minutes, he finished fourth and second Junior.  Steve Yates(18.52) set a new PB and he and Gordon Jones (21.31) won their age groups yet again.  Rachel Ranger(24.01) set herself a fine standard in her first venture into parkruning coming before David Moss(24.27) and Barbara Thomas(26.54).

 De la Ramée parkrun, Toulouse, France, 5km trail

1 Matt Ellis (Westbury Harriers) 18.25
13 David Lattimore (Cirencester AC) 29.50 - 1st V65
18 finished.  

Stonehouse parkrun, 5km trail

1 Gregg Clark (Belgrave Harriers) 18.43
11 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 21.50 - 1st lady / FV55
92 finished.  

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 James Oke (Army AA) 17.49
5 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 19.22 - 1st junior
203 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Matt Raymond (Warwick Uni AC) 17.12
4 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 17.58
8 Steve Yates 18.52 - 1st V45
43 Gordon Jones 21.31 - 1st V65
111 Rachel Ranger 24.01
130 David Moss 24.27
197 Barbara Thomas 26.54
421 finished

Standard Article 21st March 2017


Reading ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road
Dave Wright led another round of veteran victories when he finished first in his V60 age group in the prestigious Reading Half.  Dave, one or our most talented and experienced runners, but running his first half marathon for some years, admitted to initial trouble with pacing but eventually settled to finish strongly in 1.27  taking nearly three minutes from the club record.   

1 Andy Vernon (Aldershot Farnham & District) 1.03.08
383 David Wright (Cirencester AC) 1.27.08 (chip time 1.27.01) - 1st V60, club V60 record
6411 Tracey Seville 2.28.40 (2.07.50)
9720 finished.  

Gloucester '20', 20 miles road
Kate Sackett had pacing issues of a different kind as she tore round the  Gloucester 20 to not only win her FV55 age group and set an new FV55 club record but also achieving the fastest 20 mile time for any female club member – ever.   Kate planned a steady training run prior to the Manchester Marathon but many were not surprised to hear that her competitive spirit got the better of her.  Ahead of her,  Robbie Brown looked professionally strong at he tackled his first 20 miler to finish just outside the top twenty, with Howard Ewan chasing less than two minutes behind.   While Andy Fellows looked to be having fun, Ionel Iancu was again plagued with cramp.  Laura Quinn and Nick Wall both got their pacing spot on coming in within seconds of each other but well within their three hour target.  Finally, a tired looking Barbara Thomas just evaded the cut off to battle round in over four hours.

 1 Edward Banks (BRAT) 1.54.46
21 Robbie Brown (Cirencester AC) 2.13.22
30 Howard Ewan 2.15.08
89 Andy Fellows 2.27.26
118 Kate Sackett 2.35.39 - 1st FV55, club FV55 & absolute club ladies record
161 Ionel Iancu 2.43.13
237 Laura Quinn 2.57.04
238 Nick Wall 2.57.16
433 Barbara Thomas 4.09.18   435 finished


 Highworth '5', 5 miles road 

Adrian Williams won the Highworth ‘5’ outright having led from the second mile.  The blustery conditions and the infamous final hill proved very tough for everyone but Simon Campbell and Keith Firkin finished strongly with Gordon Jones (2nd V60) not far behind.  Good runs too from Karen Higuera and Rachel Ranger with another PB.  It was also good too to see Sam Timms and Helen Manners competing.


1 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC) 28.34
15 Simon Campbell 30.37
59 Keith Firkin 35.36
72 Gordon Jones 36.33 - 2nd V60
121 Karen Higuera 39.05
137 Rachel Ranger 40.15
193 Pam Wheeler 45.20 - 3rd FV55
222 Rachel Jones 48.02
232 Samantha Timms 48.57
244 Helen Manners 52.02  279 finished.  


 Forest of Dean ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles trail


Steve Yates ran well on the trails of the once popular Forest of  Dean Half Marathon having run his usual parkrun the day before. 


 1 Chris McMillan (Weston AC) 1.14.39
32 Steve Yates (Cirencester AC) 1.25.09 (chip time 1.25.08)
319 Mike Firth 1.42.18 (1.41.34)     2253 finished.  




Members enjoyed five different parkruns from Cornwall to Brockenhurst with all but two of eleven achieving age group wins including Luke Campbell winning outright at Chippenham (where brother Ollie was 1st Junior) and Liz Thomas coming 4th lady but first Senior lady at Redditch


Penrose parkrun, Helston, Cornwall, 5km trail

1 Peter Le Grice (Mounts Bay Harriers) 14.57
7 Nick Holliday (Cirencester AC) 19.46 - 1st V55
38 Caroline Cotterell 22.52   222 finished.  


Arrow Valley parkrun, Redditch, 5km trail

1 Joe Smith (Tipton Harriers) 15.47
2 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 17.29
74 Liz Thomas 23.33 - 4th lady, 1st senior lady    400 finished.  


Brockenhurst parkrun, Hampshire, 5km trail

1 Adam Jundi (unattached) 17.41
96 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 28.57 - 1st FV65   174 finished.  


Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 18.40
4 Ollie Campbell 19.53 - 1st junior  223 finished.  


18 March 2017, Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 James Oke (Army AA) 18.00
4 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 18.37 - 1st Junior
7 Steve Yates 19.03 - 1st V45
14 Martin Croucher 20.04 - 1st V40
156 Barbara Thomas 27.21 - 1st FV60   385 finished. 


Finally CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners (shown in bold) and also the other nominees of our 2016 Awards which were presented at our recent Awards ceremony where a heady mix of celebration and relaxation made for a great evening. 


Veteran Athlete of the yearTony Shelbourn,  Sarah Gunn, Adrian Williams, Barbara Thomas.

 Triathlete of the year  Sarah Gunn, Carol Clark, Luke Campbell.
Newcomer of the year Kate Sackett. James Thomas, Luke Campbell.
Member of the year  Liza Darroch.  Adrian Williams, Barbara Thomas.
Athlete of the year  Dave Bell. Rob Forbes, Sarah Gunn, Adrian Williams.
Long Distance runner Rob Forbes. Jill Hadland, Howard Ewen, Liza Darroch, Rupert Chesmore.
Most Improved runner Gordon Jones. Sarah Gunn, Andy Jones
Team of the year Cotswold relay team, men’s Cirencester Park team, Highworth 5 women and Glos AAA cross-country women’s team.

Cross Country Champions - James Thomas and Liz Thomas
Road Race Champions - David Bell and Barbara Thomas
Club Runner Champions - Gordon Jones and Ruth Fulford

Lifetime Achievement award - Barbara Thomas

Standard Article 14th March 2017

Bath ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road

On road Dave Bell fell behind the leading pack to around 20th position in the highly competitive Bath Half,  but fought his way back to finish 11th   while  Howard Ewan achieved a PB.   Recovering from injury and illness, Luke and Neil ran more steadily.  


1 Ben Fish (Blackburn Harriers) 1.05.16
11 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 1.11.12 (chip time 1.11.11)
280 Howard Ewan 1.24.57 (1.24.45)
490 Luke Campbell 1.29.20 (1.29.08)
631 Neil Corbiere 1.31.25 (1.31.13)   12,428 finished.  


 Minchinhampton 10km, road

In Minchinhampton, James Widdowson led a club team of five.

1 Charles Jones (Hereford Couriers) 38.00
76 James Widdowson (Cirencester AC) 48.10
181 Tim Ingham 54.52
270 Barbara Thomas 59.04
290 Rachel Barrow 1.00.23
292 Jason Humm 1.00.29        587 finished 

Inter-Counties XC Championships, Loughborough

Several club members were chosen to represent the County or act as team reserves for the Inter-Counties XC in Loughborough.   To be selected is both an honour and an achievement and the names of the winners and finishing positions of Junior, Freya Gregory and of Wendy Nicholls and James Thomas give some indication of the quality of the athletes taking part in this event.


 U13 Girls (3km)
1 Bethany Cook (Sussex) 12.37
171 Freya Gregory (Gloucestershire / Cirencester AC) 14.46

Women (8km)
1 Jessica Judd (Essex) 29.54
159 Wendy Nicholls (Gloucestershire / Cirencester AC) 35.59      261 finished 

Men (12km)
1 Andy Vernon (Hampshire) 37.50
241 James Thomas (Gloucestershire / Cirencester AC) 46.14        283 finished


Gloucestershire Schools year 5 and 6 cross country finals, Newent

Henry Sheffield finished first 150 m ahead of the next runner despite being only in year 5.  His fast but well paced race qualifies him to run in the Schools National Event at Loughborough at the end of March.


On the Gloucester track, Holly Tugwell and coach David Wright finished a 5000m race in 2nd and 3rd positions while distance expert Steven James covered 40 miles of the south Welsh Barry track in five and a half hours.


Gloucester Winter Warmer Open Meeting, Blackbridge, 5000m track

1 Toby Scott (Gloucester AC) 18.19
2 Holly Tugwell (Cirencester AC) 18.25
3 David Wright 18.51


Barry '40', S Wales, 40 miles track

1 Alex O'Shea (St Finbarrs AC, Ireland) 4.29.16
5 Steven James (Cirencester AC) 5.30.24  6 finished


The Grizzly, Seaton, Devon, 20 miles, 3500' ascent, multi-terrain

On the trails new dad Richard Hurdle managed a PB at the infamous Grizzly while the trails trio of Liza, Martin and Rupert returned to the scramble, slither and slide their way round an almost impossibly difficult Larmer Tree Marathon

1 Jake Smith (Axe Valley Runners) 2.20.06
72 Richard Hurdle (Cirencester AC) 2.55.08
534 Alan Tompson 3.44.28   1571 finished 

Larmer Tree Marathon, nr Salisbury, 26.2 miles multi-terrain 2000’ ascent

1 Scott Parfitt (Lychett Manor Striders) 3.24.43
170 Liza Darroch (Cirencester AC) 5.26.06 - 1st FV65
171 Martin Croucher 5.26.08 

172 Rupert Chesmore 5.26.08   307 finished


Several age groups wins for our regular parkrunners.

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Gareth Edwards (Cheltenham Harriers) 18.59
203 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 28.16 - 1st FV65    390 finished. 


Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Daniel Giles (Loughborough Students AC) 17.32
2 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 19.59 - 1st junior    151 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Liam Wilson (unattached) 17.13
4 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 18.43 - 1st Junior
15 Ionel Iancu 19.50
16 Nick Holliday 19.57 - 1st V55
63 Caroline Cotterell 22.38 - 1st FV45
148 Barbara Thomas 26.10 - 1st FV60   452 finished. 

Standard Article 3rd March 2017

 Bourton 10k

Team wins at Bourton 10k last week, our congratulations to Wendy Nicholls,  Sophie Chudley and Kate Sackett  for their ladies team first place and also to Adrian Williams,  Howard Ewan and  Robbie Brown on their second team place for the men.

The Big Cheese, Cheddar, 15 miles trail

Our new Men’s Captain, James Thomas came in second at the big Cheese Race in Cheddar having run the tough fifteen mile course averaging a speedy 7 minutes per mile.  Wife Liz (our Ladies Captain) followed at a more reasonable pace.

1 Samuel Gregory (unattached) 1.44.35
2 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 1.47.06
140 Liz Thomas 2.44.45    250 finished

Aztec 5km, Bristol, 5km road 

Earlier this the week, Holly Tugwell finished 6th lady and first in her age group in the fifth of the highly competitive, nine race Aztec 5km series in an impressive 18.57 minutes.   Where, for the third time, Kate Sackett finished in 21.16 which was our age group club record until she knocked two seconds of it in January!  But this month, with increased competition, she slipped from 1st to 3rd in her age group. 

1 Jarlath McKenna (Bristol &West AC) 15.28
64 Holly Tugwell (Cirencester AC) 18.27 - 6th lady / 1st FV35
131 Kate Sackett 21.16 - 3rd FV55  174 finished

Rhayader Round the Lakes 20 miles road

 Back from Spain, Martin Croucher travelled to Wales to run 20 miles around Lake Rhayader in blustery conditions but he reported that the scenery helped with the hills.

1. Ian Williams (Tipton Harriers) 1.57.13
103. Martin Croucher 2.39.40   377 finished

Park Runs

Kate Sackett(22.31) continued her winning week finishing in 3rd place as first lady and first in her age group at Stonehouse while Steve Yates(19.04) also finished 3rd at Swindon with another age group win for him and for Barbara Thomas(26.29).  The Campbell brothers both took on pacing roles at Chippenham.  Ollie (21.18) paced a friend but still managed  to finish 1st Junior and 7th overall while Luke (29.34) acted as a guide runner supporting Chippenham Harriers  blind runner, Ryan Simoes-Hibberd to come within seconds of his parkrun B.  An age group win and 8th place for Nick Holliday(20.23) as Kingsway Gloucester where Caroline Cotterell(22.54) finished as 2nd lady and second in her FV45 age group.  Finally another age group win for Ruth Fulford (29.42) on the testing Pomphrey Hill course.

Stonehouse parkrun, 5km trail

1 Sean Lumley (unattached) 20.01
3 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 22.31 - 1st lady / FV55  90 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Marc Fallows (Cheltenham Harriers) 18.04
3 Steve Yates (Cirencester AC) 19.04 - 1st V45
148 Barbara Thomas 26.29 - 1st FV60  412 finished.

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Jessica Gibbon (Reading AC) 19.01
7 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 21.18 - 1st junior
73 Luke Campbell 29.34  137 finished.  

Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester, 5km trail

1 Andy Gardiner (Cheltenham Harriers) 17.43
8 Nick Holliday (Cirencester AC) 20.23 - 1st V55
27 Caroline Cotterell 22.54 - 2nd lady / FV45  219 finished.  

Pomphrey Hill parkrun, nr Bristol, 5km trail

1 Nicholas Castle (unattached) 17.40
178 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 29.42 - 1st FV65  339 finished.  

Standard Artiicle 1st March 2017


Bourton-on-the-Water 10km, road 

Six new PB’s were set and one club record tumbled in Sunday’s highly competitive Bourton 10k road race.  The competition start months ago when 28  club members managed to squeeze through the two hour window to obtain a place  in this fast local race.  Dave Bell benefited from real competition, fighting his way to the front on the second of the two starting laps around the town. For much of the race he found himself in a tight group of three and was very pleased to hang on in the final stages to finish second only a week after a fast 20 mile race at Bramley.  Adrian Williams(11th) came in just outside the top ten with Howard Ewan  (30th) disappointed to knock “only” seven seconds from his PB.  Robbie Brown(39th)  is clearly on form and Wendy Nicholls continues to impress coming in 4th lady and first in her FV45 age group. Andy Fellows, Ionel Iancu and Neil Corbiere all came well within the first 100.  Kate Sackett continued her record breaking start to the season by knocking more than a minute off her PB and her own FV55 club record.  Allan Thompson and Rachel Ranger both took two minutes from their PB topped only by Laura Quinn taking two and a half minutes from hers.  A PB also for Karen Higuera and, despite very strong representation from several local clubs – especially Frampton Cotteral and Cheltenham’s Almost Athletes - other age group places went to Gordon Jones, Barbara Thomas, Pam Wheeler and Liza Darroch.  Four relative new comers Nick Holliday, Sophie Chudley, Caroline Cotterell and birthday boy Andrew Jones chalked up their first 10 ks for the club.


1 Alex Lee (Cheltenham Harriers) 32.34.
2 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 32.36
11 Adrian Williams 35.09
30 Howard Ewan 37.22 
39 Robbie Brown 38.04
49 Wendy Nicholls 38.30 - 4th lady / 1st FV45
64 Andy Fellows 39.21
85 Ionel Iancu 40.17
86 Neil Corbiere 40.19
110 Nick Holliday 41.19
115 Sophie Chudley 41.34
153 Kate Sackett 43.22 - 1st FV55 / club FV55 record
193 Alan Tompson 44.51
208 Gordon Jones 45.14 - 3rd V65
210 James Widdowson 45.23
225 Ivan Quinlan 46.09
249 Laura Quinn 47.13
251 Caroline Cotterell 47.18
257 Karen Higuera 47.37
282 Rachel Ranger 48.27
394 Barbara Thomas 54.24 - 2nd FV60
395 Tracey Seville 54.26
404 Andrew Jones 55.16
410 Pam Wheeler 55.36 - 3rd FV60
415 Rachel Barrow 55.47
416 Liza Darroch 56.02 - 3rd FV65
439 Ruth Fulford 58.31
458 David Lattimore 59.48
459 Rachel Jones 1.00.02 
523 finished.  


 The Terminator, Pewsey, 12 miles multi-terrain

Lara Tompson , leaving husband Alan at Bourton, went south to tackle the The Terminator .  She was joined by regular Colin Tapley accompanied as always by Clare Blampied who rose to the challenges of the two water crossings, four steep climbs and endless mud of this tough multi terrain course.

1 Paul Murrin (Chepstow Harriers) 1.24.58
88 Colin Tapley (Cirencester AC) 1.49.42
223 Lara Tompson 2.05.58
371 Clare Blampied 2.39.41          414 finished.  

 Stanley Park 10km, Blackpool, 10km road

Dave Wright found another, windy and windey, 10k in Blackpool while visiting family up north where he came in 16th and won his, very new, V60 age group.

1 James Mulvaney (Wesham AC) 34.50
16 David Wright (Cirencester AC) 39.19 - 1st V60    312 finished


Young Ollie Campbell (19.55) slipped 11 seconds slower than the PB he set last week when coming in sixth at Chippenham where he was followed many minutes later by big brother Luke(28.0) taking easy leg stretch following injury.  Steve Yates (19.13) came in sixth at Swindon where he and Barbara Thomas (26.53) won their age groups.

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail 

1 James Wright (Chippenham AC) 17.57
6 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 19.55
87 Luke Campbell 28.07   178 finished


Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Liam Wilson (u/a) 16.58
6 Steve Yates (Cirencester AC) 19.13 - 1st V45
175 Barbara Thomas 26.35 - 1st FV60   459 finished.