Standard Article 28th December 2016


Only the elegant system of volunteer run, free parkruns carried on over the festive season but this did not prevent some club members from running very competitively.

Luke Campbell(17.40 and 18.28) managed to find two parkruns and so to win (in just under his PB) at Swindon on Christmas Eve and finish as first Junior in Chippenham on Christmas Day.  In Swindon he had plenty of company including his younger brother, Ollie(21.38, only one second behind his recently set PB) and three members of the Buck family.  Dave Moss(21.38) finally showed us what he is capable of, Barbara Thomas(27.03) won her age group and recent beginner Nina Lawrence(36.30) came back for another go.  Club members also starred further afield with David Lattimore(32.49) in a very “select” parkrun in Tolouse, Kate Sackett(22.45) in Workington and Ruth Fulford((28.27) in Cheltenham all winning their age groups.

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Simon Nott (Calne RC) 16.36
2 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 18.28 - 1st junior   208 finished.

Workington parkrun, 5km trail

1 Bobby Hagan (Keswick AC) 17.13
23 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 22.25 - 1st FV55   146 finished.

De la Ramée parkrun, Toulouse, France, 5km trail

1 Robyn Ellis (Westbury Harriers) 22.04
7 David Lattimore (Cirencester AC) 32.49 - 1st V65  7 finished.

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 David Tomlin (Cheltenham Harriers) 17.19
220 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 28.27 - 1st FV65   389 finished.

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Will Crisp (u/a) 16.31
4 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.40
23 Peter Nunn 20.01
31 Luke Buck 20.49
52 Ollie Campbell 21.38
64 Keith Firkin 21.52
102 David Moss 23.00
163 Caroline Buck 25.03
220 Barbara Thomas 27.03 - 1st FV60
270 Stephen Buck 28.30
451 Nina Lawrence 36.30   492 finished. 

Standard Article 19th December 2016

2016 Dakhla ATU Sprint Triathlon African Cup Swim 750m, Bike 20km, Run 5km

Jenny Manners achieved a stunning win in the International Triathlon Union’s sprint event in Dakhla, Morroco.  Competing as a GBR Elite athlete, our very own Jenny finally found a chance to demonstrate that years of preparation and months of  hard training have brought her to “the form of her life” giving her this first win at such a high level.   

1 Jenny Manners (GBR) (10.18, 36.15, 18.11) 1.05.56

Gloucestershire XC League, Wotton-u-Edge
This Saturday saw the third meet of this year’s Gloucestershire Cross Country League at Wotton Under Edge on a dark, foggy day producing tough  “squidgy” conditions despite a “surprising” absence of hills.

The Ladies team finished 6th with Liz Thomas pipped into 79th place in a sprint finish.  An in for Lisa Carpenter was not far behind and our super dedicated Club Chair, Pam Wheeler completed the three to score with an age group win.

The Men needed to six to score so, with Dave Bell finishing 4th and other good runs from James Thomas, Bill Leggate and Luke Campbell to all finish in the first 50, they only needed(a recovering) Simon Campbell to finish as 5th team.

For the Juniors only the Under 11Boys fielded the requisite 3 runners to score .  They were led by Henry Sheffield who came in 10th despite a heavy cold. Lucas Caws and Tom Williams completed the team.  Bella Alcott (Under 11 Girls) finished 2nd and older brother Sam(Under 13 boys) 19th in his first cross country race of the season while Archie Sheffield (also Under 13 Boys) was came in in an impressive 6th place.  Sohpie Izon(Under 13 Girls) was 4th and Matt Pulley (Under 15 Boys) a good 25th in his first go at the event. .

1 Lucy Mitchell (Cotswold Allrunners) 21.38

79 Liz Thomas (Cirencester AC) 28.10
85 Lisa Carpenter 28.41
101 Pam Wheeler 31.59 - 1st FV60
105 Ruth Fulford 33.50 - 3rd FV65
107 Louise Abbott 36.34
107 finished
Teams (3 to score):
1 Team Bath AC 20pts, 22 Cirencester AC 265pts, 23 closed in
Masters (3 to score):
1 Team Bath AC 62pts, 17 Cirencester AC 291pts, 17 closed in

1 Dave Roper (Cheltenham Harriers) 28.13
4 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 28.58
23 James Thomas 31.13
29 Bill Leggate 31.44
38 Luke Campbell 32.09 
76 Simon Campbell 35.00
159 Tim Ingham
170 Iain Porter 43.02
178 Dorian Matts 44.45
188 finished
Teams (6 to score):
1 Cheltenham Harriers 39pts, 5 Cirencester AC 329pts, 20 closed in
Masters (4 to score):
1 Cheltenham Harriers 93pts, 12 Cirencester AC 536pts, 16 closed in

U11 Boys
10 Henry Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 7.47
31 Lucas Caws 8.34
37 Tom Williams 8.53
59 Charlie Thorn 10.06
Teams (3 to score): 6 Cirencester AC 78pts
U11 Girls
2 Bella Alcott (Cirencester AC) 9.41
U13 Boys
6 Archie Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 8.58
19 Samuel Alcott 9.37
U13 Girls
4 Sophie Izon (Cirencester AC) 9.24
U15 Boys
25 Matthew Pulley (Cirencester AC) 20.04

 Park Runs

At opposite ends of the age spectrum, both Ollie Campbell(20.47) and David Lattimore(29.51) finished in the first ten of their respective parkruns despite 14 year old Ollie running 9 seconds slower than last week at Chippenham.  David’s  age group first was achieved again or  but, as we runners say, “you have to be there to win” and if very few others turn out that is not your fault. Barbara Thomas(25.34) and Carol Clarke(25.47) had support from each other to win their respective age groups at Swindon.  Where recent beginner Sharon O’Keeffe (31.39) completed her second run and David Moss(33.00) ran his 130th parkrun showing just how addictive (or habit forming?) parkrunning can be. Word around the track is that this week’s winner with a PB at Swindon, Issac McAdam(17.54) , is in the process of transferring to the club – watch this space! 


De la Ramée parkrun, Toulouse, France, 5km trail

1 Jérôme Costinot (u/a) 19.45
7 David Lattimore (Cirencester AC) 29.51 - 1st V65
8 finished.

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Daniel Giles (Loughborough Students) 17.15
9 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 20.47
124 finished

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Isaac McAdam (Swindon Harriers) 17.54
139 Barbara Thomas (Cirencester AC) 25.34 - 1st FV60
145 Carol Clarke 25.47 - 1st FV65
266 Sharon O'Keeffe 31.39
286 David Moss 33.00
354 finished.

Standard Article 12th December 2016

Severn Bridge 5 Night Run, Chepstow: 5miles, road
Tim Ingham spent his Wednesday evening running back and forth over the Severn Bridge in a 5 miles night run but we can report he was home by bed time and stalwart club supporter Steve Millward of Gloucester Sports was just a bit too fast for him.

1 Steve Millward (Gloucester A C) 27:36
88 Tim Ingham  (Cirencester A C) 42:00   188 finished.

Turkey Trot ½ Marathon, Keyworth, nr Nottingham, 13.1 miles road
Adrian Williams had a go at the Turkey Trot Half  Marathon near Nottingham but a fluey cold prevented him from running at his best in this popular club run.

1 Andrew Peat (Long Eaton AC) 1.10.13
21 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC) 1.20.33:  914 finished.  

Westonbirt House Christmas 10km, multi terrain
Continuing the seasonal theme, Ivan Quinlan ran the local Christmas 10k at Westonbirt House.  The two lap course included sections of road and slippery grass as it wound its way through the shrubberies and along the terraces of these once grand gardens to end in a short flight of steps.  Ivan looked comfortable and behind him Trevor James and Chris Goldie enjoyed the festive feel.

1 Dan Lewis (Mick Morris Racing) 34.35
91 Ivan Quinlan (Cirencester AC) 47.36 (chip time 47.32)
218 Trevor James 53.46 (53.14)
293 Chris Goldie 57.09 (56.14): 599 finished.  

Ollie Campbell (Luke’s 14 year old brother and new comer to the club) demonstrated that running speed goes in families at Chippenham finishing an impressive ninth place. The veterans were out in winning form again this week with age group firsts for Ruth Fulford, Gordon Jones and Barbara Thomas who was joined by Jon Young and newcomer Ali Norris at Swindon.

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail
1 Lindsey Parry (Fourways RR) 18.31
9 Ollie Campbell (Cirencester AC) 20.32:  113 finished.  

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail
1 Ian Berry-Bowers (Winchester AC) 18.16
200 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 28.46 - 1st FV65: 304 finished.

Standard Article 6th December 2016

British Modern Biathlon Championships, Solihull 

Henry Shefield became British Modern Biathlon Champion for the second year running on 26th November in Solihull (this year Under 11, last year Under 10!) This made him first in the whole of Great Britain – again.  His older brother Archie was not far behind, as an Under 13, he had to swim and run double the distance and finished in a very respectable 20th place for his age group.  Sebastian Forrest competed in the Under 10 category to come 34th while Sophie Izon was 17th in the Under 12’s giving the club four juniors in the top 40 for Great Britain, achievements for which the Junior coaches and the whole club are very proud.

 1st  Under 11 Henry Shefield  50m swim 33.36,  800m (track) time  2.39.12
20th Under 13 Archie Shefield 100m swim 1.13.28,  1600m (track) run  5.48.17
34th Under 10 Sebastian Forrest 50m swim 46.29, 800m run (track) 2.57.12
17th Under 12 Sophie Izon 50m swim 35.11, 800m run (track) 2.42.45

Aztec 5km, Bristol, 5km road  

Kate Sackett returned to the Aztec 5km series in Bristol and despite the bitter cold managed to exactly equal her last time to match the FV55 record she set in October.


1 Matthew Clowes (Cardiff AAC) 14.41 - course record
143 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 21.16 - 1st FV55, equals club FV55 record
203 finished. 


Mapledurham 10km, nr Reading, 10km multi-terrain

Keith Firkin was the only senior to find a non parkrun race over the weekend when he tackled the Marpledurham 10k to finish third in his age group.

1 Jamie Smith (Reading Roadrunners) 38.03
16 Keith Firkin (Cirencester AC) 47.40 - 3rd V50
179 finished.



Luke Campbell (18.09) retained his winning form at Chippenham but might be helped by more competition to dip back below the 18 minute mark.  More ‘graduates’ from the Beginners Group had a go at Swindon but couldn’t catch Adam Powell (20.41) nor veterans Gordon Jones (21.48) and Barbara Thomas (25.50).   Siobhan Robinson (32.57)  led the way with second timer Nina Lawrence (35.25) who was ably supported by coach Martin Croucher (35.26) not far behind.  Finally,  an impressive effort by Ali Norris (39.44) in the rear.  Elsewhere Peter Rowland (26.34) was halfway through the field in a ‘quiet’ day at Stone house.

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 18.09
127 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail
1 Kristan McKenna (u/a) 17.05
15 Adam Powell (Cirencester AC) 20.41
35 Gordon Jones 21.48
128 Barbara Thomas 25.50
271 Siobhan Robinson 32.57
302 Nina Lawrence 35.25
303 Martin Croucher 35.26
337 Ali Norris 39.44
347 finished

Stonehouse parkrun, 5km trail

1 Lee Stopford (Stroud & District AC) 17.46
39 Peter Rowland (Cirencester AC) 26.34
67 finished.  

Standard Article 29th Nov 2016

Benidorm Half Marathon, Benidorm 13.1 miles roads

Martin Croucher kept up the international theme this week when supporting two work colleagues around the Benidorm Half marathon and our paragon of pacing somehow managed to run the second half some 10 minutes faster than the first – now that is a real negative split.


1 Mohamed Bouchetta 1.09.32 

797 Martin Croucher 1.56.56 

12228 Finished


Wiltshire ½ Marathon, Westbury, 13.1 miles road 

In an otherwise very quiet week, despite a heavy cold, Ivan Quinlan, dragged himself around the undulating Wiltshire Half Marathon near Westbury.  He finished in 1.48 after slowing in the second half.  While veteran Dave Wright gave his long legs a (for him) gentle stretch to finish just outside first 100 in the Eynsham 10km.


1 David Hudson (BRJ Run & Tri) 1.13.04
134 Ivan Quinlan (Cirencester AC) 1.48.32
286 finished.  


 Eynsham 10km, nr Oxford, 10km road 

1 Steve Naylor (Bedford & County) 31.58
103 David Wright (Cirencester AC) 40.13
588 finished.  


Sharon O’Keeffe(32.08) and Nina Lawrence(35.42) ran their first parkrun at Swindon after  100% attendance at the Club’s 10 week Beginners course.  Both were supported by other club runners and Sharon’s pace was fast enough to enable dad Dick Waldron(32.12) to win his age group.  Jon Young(23.42) knocked nearly 40 seconds off his previous time and Barbara Thomas(25.29) secured yet another age group win.  Other members of the Beginners group will be braving this week’s Swindon Parkrun and are looking forward to sharing the race and post race chocolate cake with as many club members as possible.

 Ian Barrett (18.24) won at Wotton Under Edge on the fifth holding of this new local parkrun.  Ruth Fulford(29.43) found the course at Ashton Court, Bristol both slower and a great deal more competitive.


Swindon parkrun, 5km trail 

1 Kristan McKenna (u/a) 17.13
64 Jon Young (Cirencester AC) 23.42
112 Barbara Thomas 25.29 - 1st FV60
270 Sharon O'Keeffe 32.08
273 Dick Waldron 32.12 - 1st V75
318 Nina Lawrence 35.42
319 Clare Blampied 35.44
320 Colin Tapley 35.44
374 finished.


Wotton-under-Edge parkrun, 5km trail

1 Ian Barrett (Cirencester AC) 18.24
84 finished


Ashton Court parkrun, Bristol, 5km trail 

1 Tom Stock (Worcester AC) 17.22
311 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 29.43
442 finished.  

Standard Article 23rd November 2016


Howard Ewan(3.47.17) made a triumphant return to competitive running, coming third in the Broadway Marathon to be closely followed by Neil Corbiere and Richard Hurdle(1st V40).  The torrential rain of Storm Angus had made the going tough and the course record (set last year by our own Rob Forbes) unassailable but our increasingly strong ultra and off road team including Leo Crawford and Simon Campbell enjoyed a dry run.  Later, Alan Tompson ran the Half Marathon, so completing the first 1,800ft of the 2,800ft ascent in the top loop of the marathon’s figure of eight course.

Broadway Marathon, 26.2 miles trail

1 Martin O'Connor (Stroud & District AC) 3.34.58
3 Howard Ewan (Cirencester AC) 3.47.17
4 Neil Corbiere 3.51.22
6 Richard Hurdle 3.55.46 - 1st V40
15 Leo Crawford 4.25.46
29 Simon Campbell 4.45.21
79 finished.

Broadway ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles trail

1 Rich Sykes (Spa Striders) 1.41.52
42 Alan Tompson (Cirencester AC) 2.16.54
102 finished.


Super veterans and very long standing club members Tony Curry(1st V70) and David Edelsten(2nd V70) enjoyed somewhat warmer conditions and some friendly rivalry in the Holiday Hustle 5km in Florida. Near to home, Ivan Quinlan ran the Swindon 10k at Wroughton.


Holiday Hustle 5km, Venice, Florida, USA, 5km road


1 Martin Calvillo (US) 17.57
94 Tony Curry (Cirencester AC) 29.19 - 1st V70
117 David Edelsten 31.52 - 2nd V70
238 finished.  


Swindon 10km, Wroughton, 10km road

 1 Ben Cole (Tonbridge AC) 31.31
85 Ivan Quinlan (Cirencester AC) 46.50
393 finished.  

Watlington Winter Run, c10km multi-terrain

Earlier in the week it was great to see ex fell runner Kate Fitton crossing the  finish line of her favourite race of the year (south of Watford)  in the Watlington Winter Run.

1 Peter Crisp (Newbury AC) 41.43
31 Kate Fitton (Cirencester AC) 55.59 - 5th lady
90 finished.


Luke Campbell (18.40) won at Chippenham despite being virtually a minute slower than his best while Martin Croucher(19.49) had a rest from marathon running to dip below his target of 20 minutes at Swindon where David Moss competed for the 22nd time and Barbara Thomas the 32nd time this year having settled into her relatively new age group with another 1st FV60 place.  Ruth Fulford retained her 1st FV65 in Bristol. 

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 18.40
123 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Kristan McKenna (u/a) 17.42
10 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 19.49
99 David Moss 24.35
139 Barbara Thomas 25.49 - 1st FV60
387 finished.  

Pomphrey Hill parkrun, Bristol, 5km trail

1 David Bruce (Oxford City AC) 16.43
135 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 29.58 - 1st FV65
225 finished.


Standard Article 8th November 2016

Gloucestershire XC League, Blackbridge, Gloucester

A flat, fast, criss-cross course on sports fields with twenty-one Ciren competitors. Although not at full strength the men’s team was third, led home by an in-form second place Dave Bell with great support from Rob Forbes (18th), James Thomas (20th), Denis Galerin (26th), Bill Leggate (27th) and Ian Barrett (36th and 2nd V45); an excellent team result boding well for the rest of the season as they were only three points behind second place Team Bath.  Luke Campbell (37th), Simon Campbell (57th) and Bryan Reid (190th) made up this strong contingent.  225 finished.

Penny Grayson (40th) on her first competitive outing for the Club ran a strong race with team-mates Liz Thomas (82nd) and Pam Wheeler (126th and 3rd FV60) finishing  21st team. Helen Manners (148th) and Louise Abbott (151st) made up the squad. 156 finished.

Juniors. There were some good results; in the U11’s Henry Sheffield finished an excellent second and a young Tom Williams 32nd and in the girls event Caitlan Watson was 24th. In the U13’s Will Morris was a strong 5th with Archie Sheffield (12th) and Henry Morris (30th)  Sophie Izon had a fine run to finish third U13.

Oxford Mail XC series, Newbury Showground. A small group of juniors had a shock as they moved age-groups. Freya Gregory, U13 had a great run and finished 7th and sister Isla ran to 35th place. Luke Buck is just fourteen competed with 15/17year olds to come in overall 22nd place and 14th U15.

Thames Meander Marathon, Kingston, 26.2miles trail.  In-form Martin Croucher,  ran an excellent 3:18.08 finishing 25th overall. He set two PB’s in one race as he set a best 20mile and knocked three seconds of his marathon. Sean Fitzpatrick, 2:40.56 (Herne Hill Harriers) won.

Guy Fawkes '5', Tewkesbury, 5miles road. Gordon Jones ran seven minute pace to pick up second V65 place followed by Barbara Thomas, 2nd V60 with a Club record. The consistant Ruth Fulford was 1st V65 at this last event of the eleven race Gloucestershire Road Race Series. Karen Higuera, despite an earlier fall, ran a solid race and David Lattimore ran his first event of 2016.

Results. 1st Paul Beastall (Cheltenham Harriers) 25.29, 72 Gordon Jones 35.00, 120 Karen Higuera 38.46, 175 Barbara Thomas 42.17, 232 Ruth Fulford 45.47, David Lattimore 47.41. 365 finished.

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail.  Just three runners and good to see coach Jon Young running again. Results. 1st Gary O’Brien (Swindon Harriers) 17.09, 122 David Moss 24.22, 179 Barbara Thomas 26.01, 358 Jon Young 31.28. 494 finished.  


Standard Article 1st November 2016

 Saxons, Vikings and Normans Cakeathon, Marathon and Ultra. Martin Croucher proved that running really is fun as he did multiple laps of this 4.37 mile course, taking a three minute cake break at the end of each lap. Despite this being his third marathon in a week he won the event in 3:52. His comment, “Great to get a winners medal and there was sooooo much cake!” It appears that cake, loved as the fuel of choice by virtually all runners, is an excellent substitute for expensive sports drinks.

Peneda-Gerês National Park Trail, Portugal, 16km trail. Liza Darroch and Rupert Chesmore completed this fine event that they summed up as, “A cross between the Chedworth Roman Trail and the Dursley Dozen, with real altitude.” They completed  2230ft of climbs in true multi-terrain conditions including cobbled streets, grassy terrace edges, narrow paths, autumnal oak forests and bullock cart granite byways. They walked almost as much as they ran, loved the views, hated the downhill’s but it was all made doubly worthwhile by a FV60 second place for Liza and the beer at the finish costing just 70p a litre.

Results.1 Nuno Pereira (Portugal) 1.22.05, 183 Liza Darroch 2.35.03, 184 Rupert Chesmore 2.35.03. 288 finished.  

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail. James Thomas had a real battle as he aimed at another  Ciren win but he was beaten by just nine seconds at Lydiard Park. Simon Cambell dipped under twenty minutes as he set a “double buggy PB” with his two youngsters aboard. James’s wife Liz ran a solid twenty-four minute race and Barbara Thomas stayed on track for her one hundred races this year.

Results. 1 Ethan Pierce (Swindon Harriers) 17.31, 2 James Thomas 17.40, 14 Simon Campbell 19.27, 108 Liz Thomas 24.01, 185 Barbara Thomas 26.34. 464 finished.  

Aztec West, Bristol 5km. These fast 5km’s have morphed into their winter format and Kate Sackett went down to do the three laps in the dark. Unable to see her watch she still achieved a PB of 21.16 and a first in her age group. The following weekend was the “Peoples run to remember” on the Workington parkrun course; Kate clocked fast 21.31.

Next week we will report on Alan Tomson and Richard Hurdle at the Beachy Head Trail Marathon.


Cross Country - No Oxford League this season

Due to unforeseen circumstances the club has been unable to register to enter the Oxfordshire cross-country league this season.  Please do not attempt to race in any of the fixtures.   

This now provides a fantastic opportunity to enter the remaining fixtures in the Gloucestershire league without fear of races being held on consecutive days, excessive distances to travel and thus longer time out and about!  Please do support the local county league.  The next race is on Saturday 5th November - all entry details and directions to the venue - Blackbridge, Gloucester can be found at  We also intend to fully support to county championships to be held in the New Year - something that has not been done for several years. That could be very exciting and will make all of those hill reps seem all the more worthwhile.  If you have never raced cross-county before, the fixture on Saturday will be ideal as an introduction.


- Home

Discover the services of , Gloucester

My sincere apologies to anyone who had intended to compete in the Oxfordshire league, but it has just not been possible this season.  

Hope to see you all at Blackbridge on Saturday.


Standard Article 25th October 2016


Stroud Half Marathon, 13.1miles, road. This was the big race of the week for the Club and with another thrilling win it proved a clincher for Dave Bell in the Club Championship. The consistent vet Steve Yates came in 22nd and good to see Constant Fisher competing again. Tim Collings, just back to competing and with no consistent training ran a really promising race. Nicola Denning finished with an ankle injury, whilst Kate Sackett was 3rd FV50 and set a Club FV55 record. Tim Ingham had a decent run “at last” and Rupert Chesmore ran with Club Juniors Coach Caroline Buck to come in under 1:50. The other contenders were all satisfied with their runs and Liza Darroch pleased to come through without further injury.


Results. 1 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 1.10.09, 29 Steve Yates 1.22.03, 133 Constant Fischer 1.33.14, 159 Tim Collings 1.34.54, 218 Nicola Denning 1.36.52, 251 Kate Sackett 1.38.32, 363 Tim Ingham 1.43.41, 483 Rupert Chesmore 1.48.13, 484 Caroline Buck 1.48.13, 532 Laura Quinn 1.49.57, 582 Mark Edwards 1.51.23, 620 Rachel Ranger 1.52.28, 872 Liza Darroch 2.02.21, 963 Barbara Thomas 2.07.39, 997 Samantha Timms 2.09.43. 1384 finished.


Abingdon Marathon, 26.2miles road. After months of hard training Mark Sysum ran a commendable 3:01.35 to finish 90th in this very competitive race. Paul Fernandez (Abingdon AC) 2:30.38 won and 693 finished.


Great South Run, Portsmouth, 10miles road. Another solid run from Club vet Terry Ranger (1:18.29) who finished 2091st in the top fifteen percent and a little further back Clare Blampied (1:38.44) was 8610th out of a mammoth 14583 finishers. Chris Thompson(Aldershot, Farnham and District) won in 47.23.


Parkruns, 5km trails.  


Ruth Fulford and Carol Clarke were both 1st  FV65’s in their respective races and Gordon Jones had a strong race






22 October 2016, Medina parkrun, Isle of Wight, 5km trail


1 Stuart Backhouse (Ryde Harriers) 18.53
25 Colin Tapley (Cirencester AC) 21.56
160 Clare Blampied 30.43
255 finished.


22 October 2016, Stonehouse parkrun, 5km trail


1 Michael Stevenson (Stroud & District AC) 19.37
15 Peter Rowland (Cirencester AC) 25.11
63 finished.


22 October 2016, Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail


1 Phil Beastall (Cheltenham Harriers) 15.53
232 Ruth Fulford (Cirencester AC) 27.59 - 1st FV65
415 finished.


22 October 2016, Swindon parkrun, 5km trail


1 James Oke (Army AA) 17.48
41 Gordon Jones (Cirencester AC) 21.41
159 Barbara Thomas 26.02
174 Carol Clarke 26.47 - 1st FV65
392 finished.


Standard Article 18th October 2016

15 October 2016, Gloucestershire XC League, Little Rissington

James Thomas(33.56) led an enthusiastic men’s team home in the first Cross Country event of the season but his mum, Louise Abbott(45.16) was left to represent the club ladies on her own making the much debated entry into the Saturday Gloucestershire League a mixed success.  Ian Barrett(35.01 and 2nd V45) and Bill Leggate(35.59) were not far behind James and with the help of Luke Campbell(36.54), Howard Ewan(37.30), Colin Tapley(42.04) the Men’s team start the season in 8th place.  With the addition of Alan Tompson(45.10) a four man veterans’ team finished 10th.  The atmosphere and the “gritty” course around scenic Little Rissington were much enjoyed by all who took part but the real test will come as the next fixture falls on the same weekend as the first of the Sunday Oxford Mail League.  


1 Daniel Jones (Team Bath AC) 31.48
18 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 33.56
28 Ian Barrett 35.01 - 2nd V45
45 Bill Leggate 35.59
73 Luke Campbell 36.54
80 Howard Ewan 37.30
165 Colin Tapley 42.04
196 Alan Tompson 45.10
203 Tim Ingham 46.01
216 Dorian Matts 48.13
240 finished
Teams (6 to score):
1 Cheltenham Harriers 53pts, 8 Cirencester AC 409pts, 25 closed in
Veterans (4 to score):
1 Cheltenham Harriers 76pts, 10 Cirencester AC 417pts, 23 closed in

1 Emily Smith (CLC Striders) 22.02 

145 Louise Abbott (Cirencester AC) 45.19
147 finished


 There were also some fine performances from our Juniors with a great run by Henry Sheffield winning the Under 11 Boys, older brother Archie coming 7th in the Under 13 Boys and Sophie Izon 4th in the Under 13Girls.


U11 Boys
1 Henry Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 7.11
U13 Boys
7 Archie Sheffield (Cirencester AC) 10.48
U13 Girls
4 Sophie Izon (Cirencester AC) 11.30

Amsterdam ½ Marathon, Holland, 13.1 miles road 

Adrian Willliams(1.17.32) had to settle for finishing an impressive 22nd in the Amsterdam Half Marathon after abandoning his marathon plans because of injury. Ionel Iancu (1.35.51) and Joyce Mathews(1.48.07) must also be pleased with their performances.


1 Daniel Valdez Lopez 1.09.12
22 Adrian Williams (Cirencester AC) 1.17.32
833 Ionel Iancu 1.35.51
2960 Joyce Matthews 1.48.07
14831 finished

Amsterdam Marathon, Holland, 26.2 miles road

Rob Forbes experienced real competition in the Amsterdam Marathon where Daniel Wanjiru (2.05.20) set a new course record and his position of 82nd in a time of 2.39.16 tells of the quality of the event.  Rob was still outside the stadium at the time of the start and so had to duck and dive around slower runners to catch up .  Robbie Brown(3.01.02) was also late to start and clearly has the potential to crack the elusive three hour barrier.

Daniel Wanjiru (Kenya) 2.05.20 - course record
82 Rob Forbes (Cirencester AC) 2.39.16
697 Robbie Brown 3.01.02
12180 finished

Grittleton 10km, nr Chippenham, 10km road

1 Luke Evans (Bristol & West AC) 32.05
198 Barbara Thomas (Cirencester AC) 54.13
360 finished

Bisley 10km road

Results for the Bisley 10 k were not available immediately after last weekend but we can now report that Kate Sackett(46.54) finished the hilly course as 4th lady and won her FV55 age group leaving behind Tim Ingham(50.27), Barbara Thomas(58.28) and Sam Timms(1.01.55) in her first competitive event for the club.

1 Charlie Jones (Hereford Couriers) 37.34
26 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 46.54 - 4th lady / 1st FV55
50 Tim Ingham 50.27
108 Barbara Thomas 58.28
123 Samantha Timms 1.01.55
184 finished. 

Park Runs

Adam Powell(20.46) went to a poorly attended event at Stonehouse, while Jason Humm(18.49) and Robin Lloyd(30.57) returned to Cheltenham and David moss(24.31) and Barbara Thomas(25.43) were in Swindon.  Barbara’s time was her best since 2014 suggesting that competing in so many races (three in this one report) is paying dividends in her running. 

 Stonehouse parkrun, 5km trail

1 Mark Burley (Bristol & West AC) 18.01
7 Adam Powell (Cirencester AC) 20.46.
73 finished

Cheltenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 Alex Lee (Cheltenham Harriers) 16.20
6 Jason Humm (Cirencester AC) 18.49
304 Robin Lloyd 30.57
426 finished

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Simon Fortnam (Gloucester AC) 18.19
108 David Moss (Cirencester AC) 24.31
146 Barbara Thomas 25.43
397 finished