Standard Article 11th April 2017

Chedworth Roman Trail, 10 miles multi-terrain

Holly Tugwell and James Thomas led the Ladies and the Men’s teams to an exciting double victory at our own Chedworth Roman Trail.  Twenty one club members raced and another 50 or so members and their families worked to make the day an outstanding success.  In full sun, the going was firm and dry enabling James, Adrian Williams and Bill Leggate to finish in the top five with Robbie Brown not far behind.  Holly (1st lady and 1st FV35) was supported by Sophie Chudley and Trudy Compton.  Impressive performances too from Ionel Iancu and Lara Tompson who had both run twenty long miles at Compton the day before.

 1 Jack Turner (Stroud & District AC) 1.03.15
2 James Thomas (Cirencester AC) 1.04.24
4 Adrian Williams 1.05.15 - 1st V40
5 Bill Leggate 1.06.07 - 2nd V40
12 Robbie Brown 1.09.59
21 Holly Tugwell 1.12.37 - 1st lady / FV35
37 Neil Corbiere 1.16.31
42 Sophie Chudley 1.16.57 - 6th lady / 2nd FV35
71 Keith Firkin 1.21.35
75 Alex Chudley 1.22.32
82 Ionel Iancu 1.23.18
94 Andy Hindson 1.25.01
142 Trudy Compton 1.30.07
159 Ivan Quinlan 1.31.52
172 Dorian Matts 1.33.15
185 Eloisa Townsend 1.34.12
186 Liz Thomas 1.34.12
187 David Moss 1.34.13
236 Rebecca Collier 1.39.09
257 Lesley Hinsley 1.41.44
278 Lara Tompson 1.43.36
319 Chris Goldie 1.47.42
428 finished.  


Devizes ½ Marathon, 13.1 miles road 

Barbara Thomas and Rachel Barrow opted for road, running Half Marathons near Devizes and Grove in Oxfordshire.


1 Michael Towler (Avon Valley Runners) 1.16.45 (chip time 1.16.44)
416 Barbara Thomas (Cirencester AC) 2.23.33 (2.22.55)    522 finished.  


White Horse ½ Marathon, Grove, Oxon., 13.1 miles road

1 James Bolton (Woodstock Harriers) 1.11.30 (chip time 1.11.29)
453 Rachel Barrow (Cirencester AC) 2.26.18 (2.25.43)   498 finished.  

Compton Downland Challenge, Oxon. 20 miles trail

In Saturday, Ionel Iancu started his double race weekend completing the hilly Compton Dowland Challenge in 35th position to be closely followed by Jill Hadland with an age group first.  Martin Croucher’s training plans dictated he took the twenty miles at an “easy” pace, while Lara Tompson and Rupert Chesmore opted for conversation and Liza Darroch achieved an age group second.

 1 Tom Sawyer (Tring RC) 2.19.06
35 Ionel Iancu (Cirencester AC) 2.53.18
38 Jill Hadland 2.55.08 - 1st FV40
62 Martin Croucher 3.14.28
98 Lara Tompson 3.45.48
99 Rupert Chesmore 3.45.49
104 Liza Darroch 3.51.38 - 2nd FV60    150 finished.  

Kernow Vertical KM, St Agnes, Cornwall 15 miles trail
Richard Hurdle and Alan Thompson both clearly have far too much energy making them drive all the way to Cornwall to climb over 1000m in two figure of eight laps with another 1,000m of descent added to really trash the legs.  This on the back of  22 miles of coastal path in the Exe to Axe the previous weekend not forgetting that Alan and Lara had run the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series Sussex Ultra (34.1miles) just one week before that.

1 Jacob Dobson 1.50.07  
22 Richard Hurdle (Cirencester A C) 2.20.58
71 Alan Tompson 2.59.57           101 Finished 

Pewsey Downs Around Ultra , Pewsy, Wilts, 35 miles trail 

Steven James found another Long Distance Walkers event nearer home when running the Pewsey Downs Around Ultra completing the 35 mile course in 5.50 to come in third.


 1 Darren Hartley (unaffiliated) 5.23
3 Steven James (Cirencester A C) 5.50   around 100 finished the 35 mile route



With so many other races to choose from it was a quiet week for parkruns with Juniors Luke Buck finishing at Chippenham in fifth place and Isaac McAdam going well under 18 minutes to finish 4th and 1st Junior at Swindon where there were more age group triumphs for Gordon Jones and Caroline Cotterell.


 Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail
1 Adrian Lewis (Aberdare Valley AAC) 18.27
5 Luke Buck (Cirencester AC) 19.18   192 finished.  

 Swindon parkrun, 5km trail
1 Matt Raymond (Warwick Uni AC) 17.06
4 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 17.34 - 1st junior
32 Gordon Jones 21.04 - 1st V65
62 Caroline Cotterell 22.12 - 1st FV45
171 Barbara Thomas 26.15
377 David Moss 34.42   449 finished.