Standard Article 6th June 2017

Fairford 10km, road

Dave Bell (with his fastest time for this course yet) and Sophie Chudley (with an impressive 4th place) led our men and women’s teams to victory in the Fairford 10k.  The competition between club members was equally tough as this was the fifth of the club road race championship(leading Men and Women’s point scores shown below) triggering a knife edge battle between Rob Forbes and Adrian Williams at the front, two PBs and six age group firsts including one for Fred Robson as 1st V85.  There were no official results for the juniors but SamAlcot and Ryan Outram both finished in the top ten.
1 David Bell (Cirencester AC) 32.54
3 Rob Forbes 34.56 PB (55)
5 Adrian Williams 35.24 - 1st V40 (76)
8 Simon Campbell 35.55
12 Robbie Brown 37.55 (70)
22 Howard Ewan 38.11
26 Alex Chudley 41.00
29 Sophie Chudley 41.08 - 4th lady / 1st FV35
43 Colin Tapley 42.22
62 Kate Sackett 44.37 - 1st FV55 (77)
75 Gordon Jones 46.23 - 1st V60
94 Karen Higuera 47.44 - 3rd FV45 PB
101 Trudy Compton 48.08
130 Rachel Ranger 50.39 (69)
161 Joyce Matthews 53.08
169 Kerrie Wallis 53.44
209 Rachel Jones 56.49
212 Barbara Thomas 56.57 (79)
237 Ruth Fulford 58.08 - 2nd FV65
270 Clare Blampied 1.02.00
341 Fred Robson 1.16.51 - 1st V85    351 finished

Chippenham 5 mile road

Dave Wright continued in record breaking form finishing sixth in the Chippenham 5 mile road race in just over 31 minutes, snipping 45 seconds from the Club V60 record and beating everyone ten years younger.

1 Joseph Donworth (Frome RC) 28.12
6 David Wright (Cirencester AC) 31.05 - 1st V50, club V60 record  155 finished

Comrades Marathon, Durban to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 87km road

Martin Croucher finished his fifth Comrades Marathon on Sunday in just under 10 hours to earn yet another bronze medal.  The unrelenting hills and temperatures climbing to 32 degrees ensured that this 87 km ultra lost none of its challenge forcing Martin, despite months of meticulous and dedicated training, to battle the demons over the last 30 km and race the final km to achieve his target.  But no doubt he will return to this, the world’s oldest and largest ultra next year.

1 Bongmusa Mthembu (South Africa) 5.35.34 
4543 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 9.59.07   12992 finished 

Cotswold 113 ½ Ironman, Ashton Keynes, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21km run

 A fine age group first for Steve Yates in the Cotswold 113 ½  Ironmanbrought him in sixth overall in a large and competitive field.

1 Neil Eddy (Giant Helston) (22.12; 2.18.56; 1.18.17) 4.02.06 
6 Steve Yates (Ciren AC&Tri Club) (24.56; 2.19.27; 1.27.23) 4.14.23 - 1st V50  903 finished.  

West Highland Way Challenge, Milngavie to Fort William, 97 miles trail

Earlier in the week, Andy Hindson ran this classic long distance route in a tough 28 hours to finish 30th.

1 Malcolm McDonald 19.59.21 1st V50
30 Andy Hindon 27.59.13  53 finished

Aztec 5km, Bristol, 5km road 

Kate Sackett achieved yet another age group win in the high quality Aztec 5km series.  She has therefore secured the series title after running eight of the nine possible races.

1 Jarlath McKenna (Bristol &West AC) 15.27
114 Kate Sackett 20.56 - 1st FV55 158 finished

Cleeve Cloud Cuckoo Race, Cheltenham, 5.5 miles multi-terrain

1 Tom Migliuolo (Cheltenham & County Harriers) 31.47
157 Barbara Thomas (Cirencester AC) 56.57  167 finished.  


No Parkrun PBs this week but Isaac McAdam(18.03) and Ollie Campbell(19.37) both finished as 1st Junior in Swindon and Chippenham respectively.  Thanks to the Comrades Marathon, the Durban parkrun was billed as the world’s largest parkrun with 2081 finishers forcing Martin Croucher (42.08) to queue for 13 minutes to check himself over the finish line.  In total contrast, David Lattimore (29.54) ran in Toulouse with only 11 other runners.

Chippenham parkrun, 5km trail

1 James McBrien (Corsham RC) 17.20
2 Luke Campbell (Cirencester AC) 17.58
7 Ollie Campbell 19.37 - 1st junior   206 finished. 

Swindon parkrun, 5km trail

1 Jason Cooke (White Horse Harriers) 17.35
3 Isaac McAdam (Cirencester AC) 18.03 - 1st junior
172 David Moss 25.50
208 Barbara Thomas 27.00 - 1st FV60  542 finished. 

North Beach parkrun, Durban, South Africa, 5km trail

1 Zothile Moto (Born2Run AC) 17.02
1187 Martin Croucher (Cirencester AC) 42.08  2081 finished.  

De la Ramée parkrun, Toulouse, France, 5km trail

1 Jérôme Costinot (u/a) 20.32
9 David Lattimore (Cirencester AC) 29.54 - 1st V65  12 finished.