Standard Article 26th September 2017


                               CIRENCESTER AC & TRIATHLON CLUB




World Triathlon Championship, Rotterdam, Holland - FV65 Sprint. Carol Clark (1:32.35) won the bronze medal, finishing strongly behind GB team-mates. and winner Wendy Read (1:29.57). Preparation for the event, a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run, was tough but a sunny race day saw Carol achieve some  excellent results in all disciplines with a sub 17minute swim,  43minute bike and an excellent 24 minute run.


Cirencester Park 10km Autumn Assault. Having reported Dave Bell’s fine win last week we now report on Ciren’s juniors. Sam Wilson (Cotswold Allrunners, 12.46) won the 3km event with Ciren’s Tom Williams romping home third in 12:56 and Zac Humphries fourth. George Masser, eighth, was five seconds ahead of Caitlin Wilson.  Other Ciren finishers were Andrew Woods, Amelie Chudley, Khaya Swaine,  and Isabella Alcott.  


Cotswold Way Century, 100 miles trail. A remarkable run from Rob Forbes (17:34.06)  to win this gruelling event and knock nearly two hours off the course record; Rob is on course for a great winter season. Holly Rush (20:17.12 City of Bath) was second and Ciren’s Richard Hurdle ninth in 23:00.31. 62 finished within the 30hr time limit.


Parkruns, 5km trails.


Longrun Meadow, Taunton. Alan McAdam had a heart procedure a few months ago and continues to improve his results each week. 1st Joe Ponter (Taunton AC) 17.09, 78 Alan McAdam  24.40 - 1st V60, 322 finished.  


Ganavan Sands, Oban, Scotland. Ciren’s peripatetic parkrunners Clare Blampeid and Colin Tapley ran this wild Scottish course together. 1st Neil McGoun (Orion Harriers) 20.07, 57 Clare Blampied 31.54, 58 Colin Tapley 32.20, 104 finished.


Arrow Valley, Redditch. James Thomas gave it his best but was just beaten into second place. James and Liz are avid fell runners but parkruns count! 1st Tom Bristowe (Kingfisher Harriers) 17.25,2 James Thomas 17.40, 67 Liz Thomas 23.51, 392 finished.


Black Park, Slough.  Young Jacob McAdam turned in a good performance in what looks like a large and competitive field in Slough. 1st Andrew Penfold (Farnham Common Joggers) 17.21, 7 Jacob McAdam 18.40, 546 finished.


Chippenham.  This time a fine win for a junior McAdam ahead of buddies Ollie and Luke Campbell.  1st Isaac McAdam 17.36, 3 Ollie Campbell 18.36, 15 Luke Campbell 21.26, 176 finished.


Stonehouse. Ciren’s Michael Thomas is stretching his legs ready for the XC season. 1st Martin Humphreys (Stroud & District AC) 18.15, 39 Michael Thomas 27.39, 82 finished.


Cheltenham. Ruth Fulford continues her run of age-group wins. 1st Ben Sache (Wigan Phoenix) 16.50, 262 Ruth Fulford 29.36 - 1st FV65. 435 finished.


Swindon. Barbara Thomas adds another age-group win and Gordon Jones continues to run with his son. 1 Ben Cole (Tonbridge AC) 15.58, 179 Gordon Jones 26.51, 182 Barbara Thomas 26.55 - 1st FV60. 500 finished.