Standard Article 28th November 2017

Eynsham 10km, nr Oxford, 10km road 

A victorious Jo Musk returned from the Eynsham 10km bearing no less than four trophies having finished as first lady and first in her LV35 age group.  Steady training and focused work with Dave Wright have brought Jo back to winning form and we can look forward to more successes in 2018.  Veterans Wendy  Nicholls and Gordon Jones also performed well in this highly competitive race.

1 Matthieu Marshall (Southampton AC) 32.52
45 Jo Musk (Cirencester AC) 37.34 - 1st lady / FV35
81 Wendy Nicholls 39.20 - 5th lady
241 Gordon Jones 45.14     583 finished.  

Lee Lawrence finished 61st in the Gloucester 10k where Barbara Thomas enjoyed yet another two race weekend.


Gloucester 10km, road

 1 Carwyn Jones (Cardiff AAC) 31.19
61 Lee Lawrence (Cirencester AC) 42.02
315 Barbara Thomas 55.08
564 Nina Lawrence 1.08.16  660 finished.

After last weekend’s triumphant ultra run, Robbie Brown  opted to support  his wife and sister around the undulating Wiltshire Half marathon enabling both to achieve PB’s.  Rhiannon was thrilled to knock three and half minutes from her time for the course  of  2014.

Wiltshire ½ Marathon, Westbury, 13.1 miles road

1 Jamie McBrien (Corsham RC) 1.16.01
131 Robbie Brown (Cirencester AC) 1.45.51
155 Rhiannon Brown 1.48.41  333 finished.  

Cyprus Challenge,  4 events over 4 days mixed terrain

Inspired by James Widdowson’s campaign to raise funds for research into Alzheimer's after the death of his father, Ionel Iancu and Nick Wall accompanied him to Cyprus for a challenging four day running event. A 6km time trial was followed by a 11km hill climb and half marathon, where James struggled, to finish with a 10km  road race.  The results below tell the story of varied running on increasingly tired legs with the evenings’ chilled beers helping with the high temperatures.

Final standings:

44 Ionel Iancu total time 3:48:48;  79 James Widdowson 4.11.51  

208 finishers of all four events.

Day 1 of 4, 6km time trial,  road

1 William Gardner (Airforce 1) 20.19
35 Ionel Iancu (Cirencester AC) 23.56
76 James Widdowson 26.29   220 finished.

Day 2 of 4, 11km trail

1 William Gardner (Airforce 1) 48.25
42 Ionel Iancu 1.03.39   71 James Widdowson 1.09.26   213 finished.  
Day 3 of 4, ½ Marathon road

1 William Gardner (Airforce 1) 1.17.58
49 Ionel Iancu 1.38.29   97 James Widdowson 1.50.37  

106 Nick Wall 1.53.20    231 finished.  

 Day 4 of 4   10k road

1 William Gardner (Airforce 1) 35.11
49 Ionel Iancu  42.44 76 James Widdowson 45.19    262 finished.  

Last weekend saw Gordon and Rachel Jones complete the “super flat, super fast” Sutton Benger Flyer 5.
November 19th Sutton Benger Flyer 5 mile Road
1 Josh Dixon (Stroud AC) 26:00.3
51 Gordon Jones (Cirencester AC) 35:08.2  3rdV60 
136 Rachel Jones 45:33.8     218 Finished

parkruns, 5km trail

Jacob McAdam was clearly in attacking mood when he finished second in Slough only three seconds from his Black Park parkrun PB.  Younger brother Isaac also finished second at Swindon having been chased by Ian Barrett who finished fourth.  David Moss was back on form and Gordon Jones enjoyed a warm up for the Sunday’s Eynsham 10k. Alan McAdam and Barbara Thomas ran well while Caroline Cotterell walked and jogged round helping her 77 yr old mother complete her first parkrun well under an hour.  Junior Ollie Campbell finished sixth at Chippenham.


Cirencester AC finishers:
2 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.31, 4 Ian Barrett 18.07, 80 David Moss 23.11, 104 Gordon Jones 23.58,  141 Alan McAdam 25.18, 191 Barbara Thomas 27.38, 413 Caroline Cotterell 53.49, 415 finished
Chippenham: 6 Ollie Campbell (J) 19.02, 166 finished

Black Park, Slough: 
2 Jacob McAdam 17.54, 502 finished