Standard Article 14th December 2017

With many races including this month’s cross country competition cancelled because of snow, results are limited to parkruns and races in mainland Spain and The Canary Isles. 

Kate Sackett’s winning year continued with an age group win in a four race series in Lanzarote.  She finished first FV55 in three of the four events and ended half way up the high quality field.

Lanzarote Running Challenge,

Overall results:
1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 2.47.17
111 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 4.11.10 - 1st FV55
223 finished.  

Day 4 of 4, La Vuelta de Tinajo ½ marathon road

1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 1.08.01
112 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 1.45.26 - 1st FV55

Day 3 of 4, 5km beach

1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 18.33
135 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 28.03 - 2nd FV55

Day 2 of4, Ridge Run, 13km multi-terrain
1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 48.16
107 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 1.11.09 - 1st FV55
Day 1 of 4, 10km road
1 Kasper Laumann Hartley (Denmark) 32.29
99 Kate Sackett (Cirencester AC) 46.03 - 1st FV55


Martin Croucher and David Moss went to Malaga to run a marathon in warm sunshine.  We lack official results but understand that the level course enabled Martin to run yet another negative split and complete in 3 hours 25 and Dave to finish in 4 hours 12 minutes.

parkruns, 5km trail

Cirencester AC finishers: 

A week of winners found Isaac McAdam first at Swindon, Jacob McAdam  at Black Park and Ollie Campbell at Chippenham with Kate Sackett (again) first lady at Stonehouse.

 Swindon:  1 Isaac McAdam (J) 17.26, 21 Sam Cook (J) 21.09, 107 Alan McAdam 24.45, 178 Barbara Thomas 27.49 360 finished
Chippenham: 1 Ollie Campbell (J) 18.24, 144 finished
Stonehouse: 9 Kate Sackett (1st lady) 23.15, 44 finished
Thornbury: 68 Ruth Fulford 30.56, 116 finished
Black Park, Slough: 1 Jacob McAdam 17.35, 424 finished
De la Ramée, Toulouse, France: 14 David Lattimore 33.47, 14 finished