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Cirencester Triathlon Club 

Cirencester Triathlon Club is a dual membership club with Cirencester Athletics Club – two for the price of one.

The triathlon section was formed in 1987 and since those early days our numbers have grown at a slow but steady rate and we now have a number of members who regularly compete in various triathlon distances, plus a few who are still thinking about it.

For a small, but lovable club we have produced a number of UK age group triathlete’s and duathlete’s over the years and in 2007 we had 3 club members go to Hamburg for the World Championships. Our members complete in all distances from Sprint Distance to Ironman and we have a wide selection of abilities.

We try and cater for all standard of athlete so even if you are new to triathlon you would be more than welcome to join us, in fact why not come along for a three week trail period and see what you think. We are serious about our sport and train correctly but it has to be fun and enjoyable as well.


Training nights or days

Swim Sunday evenings Cotswold Leisure Centre 5.00p.m. – 6.00p.m. Cost of swimming pool hire £52 p.p. per quarter and are extra to the athletics club fees, though these costs are reviewed on an annual basis. Saturday 8.00a.m. Lake April – September, lake fee payable to Waterlands.

Bike we meet on Saturday mornings for a group ride on the road, or if the weather is particularly inclement a group Turbo session Run Running training in conjunction with the athletics club.

Sunday – Long run - 9.00a.m. Cotswold Leisure Centre (meet in car park if closed) Tuesday – same venue 6.30p.m. Structured speed session, ideal for triathletes because the club is a road running/cross country club so all sessions suit the various triathlon distances. Again all standards welcome.

What do you get for your membership?
Insurance for both the B.T.F. & U.K.A.
Entry into Cotswold Leisure Centre for club run training sessions.
Well structured training sessions plus a wealth of knowledge and experience in both run/triathlon events.

We also try and highlight certain races where a large contingent of club members would compete, this would normally be in the U.K. but we have had a small number of us travel to Austria, Switzerland and Germany over the last few years. We are looking into the possibility of a warm weather training camp if there was the interest. This would be a weeks training come holiday either in the spring or autumn.

For those that might need to see the BTA certificate please click here, or for the latest copy of our letter of affiliation, please click here.

Ellesmere Triathlon 2010: from left Les Davies, Bill Leggate, John Evans, Bob Ferris